Tips For A Safe Vacation

We are in a sweet rush in summer vacations, business trips, retreats in religious holidays etc…  Being on the road, traveling, driving between cities mean a fun adventure for many people. These are also risky. You should take all safety measures while driving. It is in your hands to make the car travel both enjoyable and safe. When specific actions are taken, driving is safe and fun. Traveling by listening to your favorite music, chatting and watching the nature is also a wonderful rehabilitation tool ... Checking whether if everything is okay before taking off will save your life and the lives of your loved ones, as well as the lives of other drivers in traffic. When you take the safety actions, including especially car care service, you can take off with mind at peace. Here is the safety guide for a safe travel…


1-Have Your Car Serviced

No matter if the destination is close or far away, you need to make sure that your car runs flawlessly. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to visit car care service and have your car serviced before your travel. Check that vital fluids such as brake fluid, power steering oil, transmission oil, coolant water and engine oil are sufficient. It is also very important to check air cleaner and air conditioner filters. In case that the lighting is okay, the first aid kit includes everything required, there are no problems with the warning signs, and there is a spare tire, then the first step for safe travel is completed.


2-Try To Avoid Night Driving

Night driving is usually not preferred by drivers. The dark night can make the drivers feel tired and drowsy, and give hard time. For sure, it is more interesting to travel during the daytime by watching the nature and the surroundings. The statistics demonstrate that almost half of the traffic accidents occur at night. Especially if you have not taken all actions required for safe driving and if you did not get sufficient sleep, it will be better to travel during the daytime. However, if you need to travel at night, turn high beams on when driving in very dark areas.


3-Get Sufficient Sleep

What the drivers need most is a sufficient sleep. Make sure to get sufficient sleep before driving. Long road trip makes you feel drowsy and sleepy. For good attention and reflexes throughout the trip, you need to get sufficient sleep and take breaks to have coffee or tea, which stimulate brain. If you need, you can also take a short break to sleep.


4-Set Navigation Beforehand

Today, it is easy to find a location, where we are going for the first time. Navigation, the state-of-the-art system, makes it very easier to plan a route. We also call it a travel guide. Setting beforehand the navigation, which helps you to get to your desired destination via GPS signals, will ensure that you do not waste time on the road, and provide a safe driving experience.



5-Fasten Your Seatbelt

It is needless to say that the seatbelt plays a crucial role especially in long road trips and when driving at a certain speed limit. Not just the driver, but also all passengers in the vehicle should fasten their seatbelts. Fastening the seat belt will significantly prevent the risk of injury and death in a possible accident and in case of a sudden brake. Following distance is also very important.  It is also important to avoid distractions such as loud music or devices and objects on the dashboard of the vehicle.


6-Fasten The Seat Belt Of Your Baby For His/Her Safety

If your little baby is going to be with you on the trip, you should make sure that he/she sits in the baby car seat designed specially for babies, and the seatbelt must be fastened properly. This will make you peaceful and comfortable.


7-Follow The Speed Limit

It is true that most of the traffic accidents are due to high speed. You should follow the speed limit to prevent a potential accident risk. The legal speed limit is 120 km on highways, 110 km on divided roads and 90 km on two-way intercity highways. Try not to exceed the speed limits on the signs on your route.


8-Avoid Improper Passing

Most of the traffic accidents occur due to speeding and improper passing. If you are going to pass the front car, make sure that the following distance between your vehicle and this vehicle is sufficient. Then you should use the left blinker and pass rapidly. It is obvious that sudden and uncontrolled passing results in accidents. Calm and controlled driving ensures a peaceful and safe travel. You are going on vacation, so enjoy the road…


9-Never Use Mobile Phone

Long-road trips are always slightly risky in terms of accident. You should avoid any kind of action that would pose risk throughout the trip. Talking on the phone or messaging while driving is one of these actions. These causes stress and poor concentration for drivers, while increasing the risk of accident. In order to pay full attention on the road, you should use the mobile phone only during the breaks or make calls by earphones in case of emergency.


If you have the insurance and vehicle documentation updated, have your driver's license and vehicle license with you and your vehicle has been serviced, and if you are wearing comfortable clothes for driving and follow all the traffic rules, then a pleasant trip is waiting for you.


We wish you a pleasant and safe trip...

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