The World's Oldest Coffee Shops

Coffee has become an indispensable passion of millions of people throughout the world. For some, such passion means starting the day energetically and clearing the mind, and for others, it means socializing and spending time with friends. This magical beverage, which has opened the doors of the countless historical places throughout the journey of coffee from emergence of the coffee to the present, ranges from the Ottoman Empire to the heart of Europe as well as from the skyscrapers of America to the mystical atmosphere of the Far East. 



In this article, we will explore the oldest coffee shops in the world by delving into the coffee world. You can bring a new breath to your life with the stories of such places, which will surprise you, and which maybe cause you to redraw your routes. While enjoying your coffee, you will meet the oldest coffee shops in the world during this exciting voyage of discovery to the different corners of the world, and also you will both trace the past and meet the new cultures while stepping into the future.



Emergence of the First Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are among the most popular social venues worldwide, and they are an indispensable part of daily life for many people. Therefore, the history of the coffee shops and emergence of the first coffee shops in the world is a very interesting matter.




The origins of coffee shops around the world date back to the middle of the 15th century. Not surprisingly, the first coffee shops were opened in Ethiopia and Yemen that are the homeland of coffee. During such period, coffee drinking was not only a household occupation, but also an important component of the social life of the society.




The Oldest and Best Coffee Shops Ongoing to Serve

Some of the best coffee shops in the world is ongoing to operate today. Historical coffee shops, especially in such cities as Rome, Paris and Vienna, provides their visitors with both delicious coffee options and an unforgettable experience with their unique atmosphere.




Café Procope - Paris, France

Located in Paris, Café Procope is one of the oldest coffee shops, which was opened in 1686. This shop became the meeting point of the intelligentsia and intellectuals during the French Revolution. It offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its historical texture and unique decoration.




Caffè Florian - Venice, Italy

Located in St. Mark's Square in Venice, Caffè Florian is one of the oldest coffee shops, which was opened in 1720. This place has hosted many famous writers, artists and thinkers throughout the history. You can try traditional Italian coffee types, and you can take a trip to the past in its historical atmosphere.



Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - Kingston, Jamaica

Located in Kingston, which is the capital city of Jamaica, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the oldest coffee shops, which was opened in 1728. This place offers the best quality samples of the world famous Blue Mountain coffee. It is a must-visit address in order to experience such unique taste.



Antico Caffè Greco - Rome, Italy

Located in the historic center of Rome, Antico Caffè Greco is another important coffee shop which was founded in 1760. Such famous writers and thinkers as Byron, Goethe and Stendhal found inspiration there. You can feel the fascinating atmosphere of the past by drinking a cup of coffee in this coffee shop.



Café Tortoni - Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Café Tortoni is one of the oldest coffee shops in South America, which was opened in 1858. This place has witnessed the birth of tango music, and it has hosted many famous figures. This coffee shop, in which you can try mate tea that is the local flavor of Argentina, offers a fascinating experience with its historical atmosphere.



Café Central - Vienna, Austria

Founded in 1876, this historic cafe has a reputation for serving the best coffee in Vienna that is the capital of Austria. This place, which is frequented by the prominent figures in the field of literature and politics, keeps its popularity today.




Café A Brasileira - Lisbon, Portugal

Opened in 1905, this historic place is one of Lisbon's most famous and well-established coffee shops. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and delicious coffee.





The Elephant House - Edinburgh, Scotland

Opened in 1995, this coffee shop is known as the place in which J. K. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series. It is considered as one of the best coffee shops in Scotland.

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