Delicious Coffee Recipes to Warm You Up

Coffee is one of the most pleasing drinks, especially for coffee addicts. Coffee has no season and time, and is a drink that can be enjoyed with pleasure at any time of the year. While cold coffees made with cold milk are more popular in summer, coffees made with hot water and hot milk are preferred more in winter. A few suggestions we made will offer you great alternatives when you need a strong and delicious coffee to warm you up especially in winter.

Hot coffees special for winter, which you can flavor with 1-2 spoons of sugar, various spices, caramel, vanilla extract, etc. that have strong flavors, will boost your energy and pleasure. You can find the answer to how to make delicious coffees below. Here are delicious coffee recipes to warm you up in winter… 

Cinnamon Coffee


200 ml filter coffee

Optionally some milk

1 cinnamon stick

1 teaspoon of honey


*Firstly, brew filter coffee with French press and add the cinnamon stick.

* Add one teaspoon of honey to the coffee.

* If you want a coffee with a smooth taste, you can add some milk in your coffee.

Chocolate Turkish Coffee


1 dessert spoon of Turkish coffee

1-2 pieces of dark or milk chocolate depending on your taste

1 cup of water


* Put chocolate and water in a coffee pot, and stir until the chocolate melts.

* Add coffee to the hot mixture of melted chocolate and water, and continue stirring until the coffee is homogeneous.

* After coffee and chocolate are completely mixed, take out the spoon and leave the coffee on low heat.

Coffee with Milk Recipe


1 dessert spoon of granulated coffee

2 cups of milk

1 dessert spoon of granulated sugar

2-3 dessert spoons of water


* Put and whisk coffee, granulated sugar and water in a coffee pot.

*Then put the coffee pot on the stove and heat the mixture.

* Take a spoonful of the heated mixture in the coffee pot and pour it into the cups.

* Slowly add milk from the rim of the cup and serve it.

Menengic Coffee


1 dessert spoon of Menengic coffee

1 cup of milk or water


* Put Menengic coffee in a coffee pot.

* After adding milk or water to the coffee pot, stir thoroughly on low heat.

*Continue stirring until a thick foam appears on the coffee, and then take it from the stove and serve it.

Caramel Cappuccino


1 dessert spoon of granulated coffee

1 cup of milk

1 cup of water

2 dessert spoons of granulated sugar



* Put and boil water in a coffee pot.

* Add granulated coffee to water and wait until it dissolves.

*Boil milk and granulated sugar in another coffee pot until a creamy consistency is obtained.

*Mix the coffee mixture with the cream, and finally add the caramel sauce and serve it.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Ingredients for Pumpkin Pie Spice:

1 teaspoon of ground ginger

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

Half a teaspoon of ground clove

Half a teaspoon of nutmeg (grated)

Half a teaspoon of allspice

Ingredients for Pumpkin Spice Latte:

2 tablespoons of boiled pumpkin puree

Half a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice

2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of granulated sugar

400 ml milk

2 shots of espresso

For topping:

1 tablespoon of cream

A pinch of pumpkin pie spice


*Cook the pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice mixture for one or two minutes.

 *Add granulated sugar to the mixture, and continue cooking until syrup consistency is reached.

*Heat the milk and vanilla extract in another saucepan.

*Blend the mixture of vanilla milk and pumpkin puree with a blender until you get a smooth consistency.

*Add 2 shots of Espresso to this mixture, top it with spices and cream sauce and serve it.

Filter Coffee with Peanut Butter Milk


2 tablespoons of ground coffee

A quarter drinking cup of milk

Hot water (one finger less than 1 drinking cup)

1 dessert spoon of peanut butter


*Brew the coffee with the French press for 5-6 minutes.

* Strain the brewed coffee into the cup, add 1 dessert spoon of peanut butter and mix until it dissolves.

*After adding milk, serve it.


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