The Story of Amber Stone

There are precious and semi-precious stones with various colors and structures hidden in the nature. One of them is amber stone, which dazzles with its color and is the main material of many jewelry and accessories. Also known as resin stone or Swiss stone, the Amber is actually the fossilized resin of an extinct pine tree species. It is very soft and light. Small objects are caught by amber when it is buried in the ground. When the amber is heated, it becomes magnetic, and warms up the body through the solar energy trapped inside.

The most common colors are reddish yellow or amber. It has also colors such as honey, cognac, gold, brown, bone, orange, yellow, blue, green and black. Even if it is rare, it is also possible to find colorless amber stone. The most interesting feature of the amber stone is that its transparent structure contains threadlike substances, air bubbles and even insect fossils. When the amber is slightly heated, it emits a scent of resin, and when it is heated to 150 degrees, it softens. It burns in a blaze around 375 degrees and emits a nice scent. This is the scent of pine resin.

How Is Amber Formed?

The first form of the amber is tree resin. The resin carried to wetlands by rivers begins to accumulate inside the alluviums over time. It starts to be fossilized by the heat caused by being close to magma and pressure. It takes 10 to 20 million years. Becoming hardened during this period, it turns into a copal. Copal is the form of the resin before it turns into amber. After this, it remains under the ground for a few million years and turns into amber again under the influence of pressure and heat. The oldest amber stone in the world is about 345 million years old.

What Is Amber Stone Used For?

The experts list the healing properties of amber stone as follows:

*Amber stone strengthens the immune system.

*It relieves pain. When used as a necklace, it prevents throat infections and formation of goiter.

*It is used as a supportive treatment in migraine and toothache.

*It has calming and pain relieving effects.

*It reduces the risk of heart attack.

*It supports the treatment in psychological disorders such as tantrums, emotional traumas and depression.

*It is known to take the negative energy of the body when held in the left palm.

*It gives positive energy and happiness.

Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and prayer beads designed with amber stone will allow you to benefit from all of these healing effects of amber.


How To Clean Amber Stone

Amber stone is used mostly in jewelry and prayer beads.  Silicone-based wax can be applied twice a year to wipe and polish jewelry and prayer beads. You can also pour a small amount of olive oil on a dry cloth and polish your jewelry and prayer beads. Or you use warm water with soap to polish.



Where To Buy Amber Stone

You can find amber stone and jewelry, prayer beads and accessories made of this stone in stores and boutique shops selling silver and semi-precious stones.

This beautiful colored stone having the positive energy of nature has also given its name to the spots. Offering service in Fethiye Barut Hotel, Amber A la Carte Restaurant makes its guests feel the healing touch of the nature with its amber-colored design and peaceful ambiance.

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