The Only Place Where Art and Entertainment Meet: Sandland Sand Sculpture Museum

Sands not only serve as a natural coat covering the surfaces of seas, beaches and deserts like a quilt, but also feast our eyes in aesthetical terms. Sandland, where art and sand meet, is a sand sculpture museum where the sculptures, built using around 10 thousand tons of sand, are displayed on an area of 10 thousand square meters alongside the well-known coastline of Lara in Antalya. This jaw-dropping museum, where the sand-made sculptures of globally-known architectural works, historical characters and mythological creatures are displayed, is open to visit every day.

We can say that this is a field of art which comes, somewhat, familiar to all persons considering that all of us made sand castles during our childhood years. Artists use only two materials in this alternative field of art which is called as ephemeral - i.e. temporary - field of art: Sand and water. But the result is just perfect. Regarded literally as a visual feast, this field of art produces such amazing works that they should be definitely seen. The amazing works made by the professional sand sculpture artists, coming from many different countries, in around 3 weeks are offered to the curious and interested eyes.

Artists build amazing sculptures via either solo or joint works at the Sandland Antalya held by the Global Design Art Works and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Governor's Office, the Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Airlines. This field of art is performed with great energy, enthusiasm, creativity and mobility under the bright sun of the Mediterranean region near the deep blue waters of Antalya. The post-production exhibition process is a completely different festive. The astonishing and admiring looks of visitors are just a clear evidence of how any field of art captures all of us, and makes our souls happy. Antalya sand sculpture museum, where entertainment and art meet, is a peak of creativity and a special must-sea destination for all visitors of Antalya.

Sandland Antalya sand sculpture museum is one of the biggest global sand sculpture activities with hundreds of giant sculptures, the width of the area, the number of the artists and the amount of sand used.

The sculptures are built without using any additives other than sand and water, in giant sizes in terms of tonnage, length and height, which makes this activity miraculous and amazing. This field of art also has an underlying philosophy: There is not any permanent thing to challenge time in life. Everything will, sooner or later, come to an end one day. These sand-made sculptures are demolished after being exhibited for some time, and they will return to their original states.

One of the must-see locations within the borders of Antalya, the sand sculpture museum leaves its mark on the minds with more than 150 sculptures and its power of attraction, and it is held under a different theme every year.

The exhibition also appeals to children. They can join the workshop designed exclusively for them and held for building objects using kinetic sand. Atv safari and water sports are the other available activities. Visitors have a great day here where sand is shaped in various kinds of forms. Visitors feel themselves in a fairy tale thanks to the LED lights and thematic music. A video is also screened on the cinevision for the ones who want to watch the building process of the sculptures.

The artworks, exhibited at Antalya sand sculpture museum, are open to visit every day. The sand sculpture museum is open to visit between 09:30-23:00 every day from May 1 until November 1, and between 09:00-19:00 from November 1 until May 1.

Sandland Antalya sand sculpture museum is a highly special and unique place where sand is turned into an artwork...

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