The Oldest Restaurant in Antalya: 7 Mehmet

Founded in 1937 and with a history of nearly 80 years, 7 Mehmet is engraved in the memory of its guests with the unforgettable tastes it offers.

When we take a look at the history of the restaurant, the story of the name 7 Mehmet is also unforgettable just like the food it offers. Mehmet Akdag got a V-shaped injury on his forehead when he was young. Mehmet Akdag, who grew up with the nickname 7 Mehmet, because the letter V in Arabic means 7 in Turkish, named his restaurant as 7 Mehmet.

The dishes offered by 7 Mehmet, which is a restaurant successful both in meat and fish dishes, vary depending on the season. The success of the restaurant, which constantly renews itself and continues to surprise and indulge its guests, deserves appreciation also in terms of servicing.

The delicious dishes, which are served to tables with the philosophy of its owner stating that delicious food must be simple and natural, meet us after the best ingredients pass through professional cooking techniques.

When creativity is added, these dishes, prepared by devoting time and showing great care, turn into high-quality flavors. The prices of the dishes are also proportional to the quality thereof.

We mentioned that the dishes vary depending on the season. Various olive oil dishes are offered depending on the season, and the vegetables remain fresh thanks to the quality of the olive oil used.

The rich menu of 7 Mehmet includes all kinds of dishes, from appetizers to vegetables, salads, fish and meat.

7 Mehmet uses only natural, i.e. non-breeding fish. In fact, there is only a single fish available in a day.

You can taste delicious mezzes and well-selected cheese varieties accompanied by raki and wine.

The favorite dish of the restaurant is sut kokorec (grilled sheep's intestines), as well as kid, lamb and game meat which are all cooked as well as the required.

Kid and lamb on tandoor are another favorite dishes. The type of salads and cooked rice, which are served on the plate beside the main dish, always changes; but, don't worry, the quality of the ingredients never changes. Growing in Antalya, pomelo also goes well with green salads.

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