The Gusto of Life in the Heart of the Mediterranean: M’Genta

The support of Barut Hotels, which has been serving based on a well-established tradition in the heart of the Mediterranean since 1971, for art and culture is well known. This half-century-old establishment compiles and presents every glittering detail about the Mediterranean on glossy paper. The 3rd issue of the M'Genta Magazine, published by Barut Hotels, is out for its culture- and art-lover and eco-friendly readers. Tracing and presenting on its pages every detail "adding value to life" in history, art, aesthetics and life, M'Genta Magazine again reflects the essence of life with original content, catchy articles and visuals, interviews and inspiring conversations in its latest issue.



The 3rd Issue of M'Genta is again fully packed!

Blue Crab is one of the highlighting contents of the 3rd issue of M'Genta. This exotic flavor is addressed not only with its ready-to-serve form, one of the most popular seafood in the recent years, but also with its history. The migration and journey of the blue crab, which fascinates not only with how tasty it is but also with the way it looks, across the oceans, as well as the Latin root of its name, are presented. You will enjoy reading this special article, which, in particular, will attract the attention of gastronomy lovers.



The article about the project presented under the theme “We Care All” is another catchy content of the magazine. The project #WeCareAll, initiated by Barut Hotels, points out the terrifying damage caused by plastic wastes to the world. Expressing the sensitivity it has for the environment, nature and all living beings on all occasions, Barut Hotels raises awareness towards less plastic and more recycling through the project #WeCareAll.




The 3rd issue of M'Genta also includes a pleasant interview with Ersin Pamuksuzer, the founder of The LifeCo, where he tells the essential details on proper diet improves the quality of life, and what to do for a vigorous body and soul, based on his life experiences.  In addition, the roadmap to improve the quality of life and maintain a calm and healthy life, which will inspire many, is shown. The interview with Pamuksuzer, who is regarded as one of the leading representatives of how people can take a new direction in their lives through enlightenment, regardless of their ages, is one of the best content to read.



Sesame is another entertaining and informative content of the 3rd issue of M'Genta. The content under the title “The History of Sesame and Antalya” tells about the journey and contributions of sesame, an ancient plant that grows in pods and the origin of which is not exactly known, not just to the tables but also to the cultural life throughout history until now. This article proves in detail how rich it is despite its tiny size.
Telling also how valuable sesame is in Antalya cuisine, this article will show you how ingenious and powerful this tasty grain has been throughout the history.



The contents of the magazine are not limited to these topics for sure. Enjoy life more with the 3rd issue of M'Genta, which stands out with its strong author staff, perfect edition and heavy passion for every aspect and moment of life. 

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