The Best Places to Raft in Antalya

The rivers and streams in Antalya play an important role in terms of natural and rich water resources possessed by Turkey. In addition, due to their cleanliness and the areas that are open to tourism, these streams are very ideal for natural tours. In Antalya, many rivers are suitable for rafting-canoeing and river kayaking. Rafting, where the teams, each consisting of 10 rafters accompanied by a guide, strive to remain on the kayak and boat on foamy rivers, is one of the most exciting water sports. The hot weather with light wind makes Antalya very suitable for rafting. The period of time between April and November, when the water levels of the rivers rise due to melting of the snow on the mountains, and November is perfect for rafting.

The strong rivers that are suitable for rafting make our country one of the most spectacular countries to do rafting on international scale. The Mediterranean Region, one of the most important regions in our country, is suitable for rafting in Turkey, while you can enjoy an exciting rafting experience especially in Antalya.

What is Rafting?

The Rafting is a sports performed on the rivers with high flow rates by boats called rafts. Rafting is based on passing through rocks and obstacles by using blades to direct the boats without overturning the raft. Rafting is done in teams of 2, 8 and 10 people. The success in rafting requires a team that acts as one.

In rafting, the rivers are categorized in six groups based on the difficulty. Class 6 is for very difficult race courses, while Class 1 is for the easiest race courses. There is no need to worry about if the boat would blow out or not, since it is not made of plastics.  The boats are made of Dtex, PVC and Hypalon fabric. Rafting is not dangerous as long as you follow the rules and the guide.

Where To Raft In Antalya


Koprucay rises from Taurus Mountains and flows into Mediterranean Sea from the south of Serik through canyons, being natural wonders. One of the most beautiful natural recreation areas in Turkey, Koprucay is fed by underground waters in the canyons with steep slopes, which make it difficult to climb. In the mountainous terrain on the west side of Koprucay, the historical city of Selge, also known as Zerk,  castles, aqueducts, bridges and historical roads, dating back to Roman period, along the river enrich Koprulu Canyon.

The road, which is asphalt until Beskonak village, is partially along Koprucay. Located on an area of 36 thousand hectares, Koprulu Canyon National Park includes partially Koprucay and the historical city of Selge.

Being the largest forest of Mediterranean cypress trees and rich in wildlife, the National Park is also rich in diversity with red pine, black pine, cedar, fir and oak varieties.

In addition to various bird species, there are red deers, wild boars, wild goat, bears, wolves, foxes and rabbits in the region.

Rafting Race Course on Koprucay

The starting point of Koprucay Rafting Race Course is about 100 m below Oluk Bridge, where the water is still. As the objective of the race course is to ensure that the amateurs are familiarized with the rowing technique, the blades are rowed against the flow to reach Oluk Bridge.

With a difficulty of Class 2-3, the race course continues after the cascade below the starting point.   The frequent cascades visible along the journey make the race course more exciting. The race course, which is about 10 km, ends at the concrete bridge beyond Beskonak. The amateurs are recommended to end the race course just before the concrete bridge.

Professional rafters are free to enter the first canyon after the concrete bridge. However, the second canyon is never allowed, since the river partially disappears in some parts of the canyon and then re-appears.

How To Get To Koprucay

In order to get to Koprucay, you first need to get to Serik from Antalya, and then to Tasagil and Beskonak Village. To get to Koprucay from Manavgat, you first need to get to Tasagil and then to Beskonak. The road, which is asphalt until Beskonak village, is partially along Koprucay.

Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon is located in Manavgat district of Antalya. Koprucay, which is a worldwide-known rafting river, flows through Koprulu Canyon. Being a national park, Koprulu Canyon is also as a heavenly place. It is one of the must-see attractions especially for the nature- and rafting-lovers during their vacations in Kemer and Antalya.

 Race Course on Koprulu Canyon

The starting point of Koprulu Canyon Race Course, which consists of rapids with a difficulty of Class 1 and 2 in accordance with the international standards along a 14-kilometer river line, is right beside the historic roman bridge. The race course ends two kilometers after Beskonak.

How To Get To Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon is located at a distance of approximately 50 km from Manavgat. You can take a bus to Antalya or Manavgat, and then get off the bus at Koprulu Canyon-Beskonak turn. Then, you can take a minibus to Beskonak village to get to Koprulu Canyon.

For self-drive from Antalya, continue straight for 5 km after passing Serik district, and for self-drive from Antalya-Manavgat, continue straight for 30 km after passing Manavgat, and then take the turn for Koprulu Canyon-Beskonak and continue for 37 km.

Manavgat River

Rising from the eastern slopes of the Western Taurus Mountains, Manavgat River is 90 km long. The water of the Manavgat River becomes clear in spring and is fed by groundwater in the canyons which it passes through. The flow rate of the river is disrupted due to Oymapinar Dam.

Rafting Race Course on Manavgat River

The flow rate of the water plays an important role in the starting point of the race course on Manavgat. During the months of the year when the flow rate of the water is suitable, rafting can start from a point that is close to Sahap bridge near İbradi. Rafting in Manavgat River, which is dangerous for amateur groups and has a higher level of difficulty, should be accompanied by professional rafters and a local guide. A distance of 19 km between the Sahap Bridge and the village of Sevinc throughout the race course is partially through canyons with steep slopes, which are difficult to cross.

Along the race course covering three canyons, there are cascades and some waterfalls with a difficulty of Class 3-4-5. It is necessary to determine the suitable passage point by approaching the shore when the sound of the cascades is heard. Otherwise, you can continue the race course after carrying the boat on land or the rafter lands in order to pass beyond the dangerous sections.

How To Get To Manavgat River

To get to Manavgat River from Antalya, continue straight for 20 km after passing Manavgat, and then take south at the junction of Konya-Akseki. When you see the sign for İbradi, which is 4 km before you reach Akseki, take the turn and continue towards Ibradi.  You will reach Sahap Bridge after you drive for about 11 km. This is the ideal starting point for rafting.

To get to Manavgat River from Alanya, keep driving in Antalya direction and continue straight for 40 km after passing Alanya, and then take the turn to Konya-Akseki road from the town of Kizilot. Take the turn to Ibradi before you reach Akseki, you will get to the Sahap Bridge after you drive for 11 km.

Alara Stream

Located in the town of Koprulu in Antalya, Alara Stream rises from the foothills of the mountains by forming a waterfall. Flowing into the sea near the village of Boztepe of Manavgat, Alara Stream is 70 km long. The best time to raft here is spring. The difficulty of Alara Stream is Class 3-4. The best time for rafting in the Race Course on Alara Stream is spring. The Race Course on Alara Stream starts on the East side of Guzelbag and ends in the town of Alara and the region of Alarahan.

Rafting Race Course on Alara Stream

The best race course for rafting in spring starts on the East side of Guzelbag. With a length of 20 km, the race course ends at the town of Alara and the region of Alarahan, which played an important role on Silk Road. The difficulty of rafting race course on Alara Stream is categorized as Class 2, 3 and 4. There are a number of visible historical ruins, castles, caravansaries, watermills and bridges along the rafting race course on Alara Stream. This is because of the fact that the river is on a route, which was an important trade route in the past.

How To Get To Alara Stream

You can reach the starting point of the rafting race course on Alara Stream by following the sign for Guzelbag in the town of Konakli, which is at a distance of 7 km from Alanya in Antalya direction. You can get to Alara Stream also by tour buses from the resorts of Alanya center, Mahmutlar, Okurcalar, Avsallar, Incekum, Turkler, Oba, Tosmur, Kestel and Kargicak.

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