“Sushi”, The Special Taste of the Far East, is now available at Meltem Restaurant…

Welcoming its guests throughout four seasons of the year in Side, one of the most beautiful locations in Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, Barut Hemera offers the most special and exclusive tastes of Turkish and world cuisine in its kitchen. 

Offering its guests the privilege of Unlimited-All and appealing also to the eye with its unique ambiance as well as the palate, Barut Hemera included sushi, one of the most special tastes of Japanese cuisine, into its rich food archive.



Having opened in the summer season of 2021 next to Meltem Bar at BARUT Hemera, Meltem Sushi Restaurant offers its guests an unlimited taste experience through exotic recipes of the Far East and especially rich sushi varieties.

Sushi menus, created by experienced and expert chefs in the field of gastronomy, make guests, who love Far Eastern cuisine, feel special.



With the wild blue of the Mediterranean, the vast sea view, the caressing breezes from the sea and the unique tastes leaving a mark on the palate, Barut Hemera promises its guests unforgettable tastes with Meltem Sushi Restaurant it has incorporated.

Reservations for Meltem Sushi Restaurant, offering A'la carte service for fee, are booked through the guest relations desk of the hotel.


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  • Debra J. Cantu
  • 17-08-2021

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