Summer Is Still On in Antalya, the Vacation Paradise in the Mediterranean

As September starts, coolness, calmness and peace roam around. New beginnings are also just round the corner. Even though September, when the most muted and clearest shades of sunlight step in, is regarded as the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere, summer is still somewhat there. For instance, the sea season is still on. In fact, we can say that September is the best time of the sea season. 



The beaches, which start to become less crowded as the schools open, as well as the soft sunlight and the sea water, which is still warm, make up a great combination for a wonderful vacation. Antalya, one of the best destinations for those who wish to enjoy vacation on less crowded, peaceful and still warm beaches, is the first location for vacation in September. 




You can send summer off with a great vacation before the winter arrives in Antalya, where sweltering humidity of summer becomes significantly lower, and which promises calmness and peace with its crystal-clear beaches. There are various alternatives for vacation spots in Antalya. When it comes to vacation, how it would be to have vacation in Antalya in September and October is one of the most frequently asked questions. Here are the answers. 



Summer Does Not End in Antalya in September

The sea water remaining warm for a long time due to the characteristic Mediterranean climate is just one of the factors making Antalya desirable. You can enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Antalya in September, which promises less crowded beaches, and calm atmosphere to rest your head. In this month when the sunlights become significantly weaker and the humidity decreases, you can do so many things in Antalya and start the winter with refreshed energy. Let's take a look at what to do in Antalya in September. 


What to do in Antalya in September?

Even though September is regarded as the beginning of autumn, summer is still somewhat there. So you can comfortably wear all of your summer clothes in this month in Antalya. However, you would better pack a thin cardigan and waterproof shoes just in case of rain. Since the beach clubs, beaches, water parks and beaches are still open, you can spend long and great time there. Since the boat tours continue to run routinely, you can take great boat tours without non-sweltering heat. 


Vacation in Antalya in September is not limited to the sea, sun and sand. You can visit a number of ancient cities located in Antalya and its districts, and touch the historic fabric of the region. In September, the occupancy rates of hotels and accommodation fees are lower than in the summer season. You can enjoy a dream-like vacation in the accommodation centers of Barut Hotels located in Antalya and its districts.




Paradise Bays Are Beautiful Also in September   

All kinds of activities available in the summer are also available in September. You can swim in vast Konyaalti Beach and Lara Beach or in the bays located in beautiful districts of Antalya, and enjoy the rich-blue water in crystal-clear bays by boat tours. In particular, Side, Kemer and Kas districts will offer you an unforgettable vacation in September. 



If you are newlywed, then Antalya will be the best option for honeymoon in September. You can make the most of crystal-clear water in the generous geography of the Mediterranean region, the spotlessly clean coastline, the flora adorned with citrus, magnificent palm trees, the majestic look and fresh air of Taurus Mountains, rich city cuisine consisting of local and international delicacies, and professional hotel management concept and comfortable accommodation advantages, and enjoy a peaceful vacation.



The pieces to see and places to visit, which reflect the Seljuk architecture, in the city center, the historic fabric you witness with every step you take, the archaeological sites and ancient ruins in the districts, the artifacts, waterfalls, trout restaurants, breakfasts with organic products in cool and peaceful places on the outskirts of the Taurus Mountains, the boulevards, the Mediterranean with unique beauty, which appears with every step you take, and places with the serenity can be the greatest reasons for you to start the winter energetic and fresh.


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