Suggestions for Those Who Want Spend a Weekend in Antalya

Antalya, the favorite of local and foreign tourists with its historical heritage, natural beauties and numerous must-visit places, is also one of the most popular and beautiful cities in the Mediterranean Region. If you are planning to spend your weekend in Antalya, then you can enjoy a great time in this city with numerous natural and historical beauties such as museums, historical sites, entertainment places and recreation sites.

Here are the suggestions for those who want spend a weekend in Antalya…


Karaalioglu Park  

You can visit Karaalioglu Park, which is home to huge palm trees and features walkways, local tea shops to sip your drinks and, best of all, large miradors to watch the vast sea view and magnificent Bey Mountains. You will lose track of time in the park, which is located in the city center.   




Duden Waterfall  

Located about 10 kilometers away from the center of Antalya, Duden Waterfall is formed by water falling from a height of 45 meters. You can enjoy a great time in the shade of the trees in the recreation sites located in the Upper Duden, accompanied by the soothing sound of the waterfall.




Konyaalti Beach   

You can go to Konyaalti Beach not only for swimming but also for enjoying your time in the restaurants, coffee shops, recreational areas and similar businesses with modern architecture along the coastline. You can spend a long day at Konyaalti Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Antalya but also in Turkey.



Ancient City of Aspendos

With a geography extremely rich in archaeological sites and ancient city ruins, the Ancient City of Aspendos in Antalya can also be included in the list as one of the must-visit places. Welcoming many local and foreign tourists every year, the ancient city of Aspendos is a must-see place with its magnificent architecture bearing the traces of Roman Period.



Antalya Toy Museum

Arousing the interest of not only children but also adults, toys are one of the key things to nourish the imagination. You can see nostalgic toys and cartoon characters in Antalya Toy Museum, one of the most interesting places in the city center of Antalya. With an extensive collection, the toy museum can offer you a great experience on your city tour.



Saklikent Ski Center

Saklıkent, the only place where you can enjoy the rare snow in Antalya, is 1 hour away from Antalya. Saklıkent, a place to be visited not only in winter but also in summer, is one of the must-see destinations with its natural beauties.




Kursunlu Waterfall

Located in Aksu, Kursunlu Waterfall is 22 kilometers away from the city center. Falling from a height of 18 meters, Kursunlu Waterfall can be an escape route to freshen up especially in the scorching heat of summer.




Antalya Archeological Museum

With artifacts covering a long period of time from the Lower Paleolithic Period to the Roman Period, Antalya Archaeological Museum has an extremely rich archive. You can see the statues of gods and emperors, prehistory collection, burial gifts, coins, mosaics and icons in the museum.





When you come to Antalya, you must visit Kaleici. With an architectural structure bearing the traces of Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman, historical houses, boutique hotels and hostels, marina, viewpoints, souvenir shops, coffee shops, restaurants and labyrinth-like narrow streets, Kaleici is a place that you must wander around. You can plan your route so as to start from the Hadrian's Gate to enjoy the most. 


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