Story of Pizza and the Tastiest Pizza Types

How was the pizza, which is today always included in every world cuisine menu despite the fact that it originated in Italy, born, and how did it become so popular? If you wonder about the story of pizza, which almost everyone, young or old, loves to eat, then we would like to take you on a delicious and fun journey. Let's take a look at how this famous pastry became so popular, and the tastiest pizza types and the secret behind its popularity.



Queen Margherita, the Name Mother

The history of pizza, which is loved and consumed in every country across the world, stretches back to 1889. The pizza, which was made by poor Italian people with mozzarella and tomatoes because it was practical and contained few ingredients, became famous and gained worldwide fame after Queen Margherita liked it. Pizza, which was never liked and preferred by the elites of that time, became famous and ascended the throne after Queen Margherita. Here is the origin story of pizza…


The Origin Story of Pizza

The origin story of the pizza Margherita, which is the prototype, i.e. the ancestor, of the pizza, is very interesting. This was actually a food invented by poor Neapolitan people in the early 1800s to satisfy their hunger easily by putting tomatoes and cheese on the dough. 




In 1889, when King Umberto I of Italy and his wife Queen Margherita were staying in Capodimonte Palace, their summer residence in Naples, Queen Margherita told the chefs of the palace that she was looking for a new taste as she was bored of their steady diet of French cuisine. She said that she wanted to try the pizza with tomato and cheese preferred by Neapolitan people to satisfy their hunger in an affordable manner. The Queen, who was from Savoy, wanted to enjoy a taste other than French cuisine she used to eat, and she wondered about this street dish that she often heard. 



However, the chefs of the palace did not know how to make this street food for poor people, and they invited Raffaele Esposito, the owner of the pizzeria in the vicinity, to the palace and asked for his help. Raffaele Esposito, the pizza master from Naples, made a number of types of pizza for the king and queen. But he garnished one of the pizzas with the colors of the Italian flag: green basil, red tomatoes and white mozzarella. It became the favorite pizza of Queen Margherita. When the Queen asked the name of the pizza, the pizza master Esposito said "Margherita", the name of the queen, with the excitement of that moment, and this delicious pizza was born.


This was heard by the people in a short time and spread across rapidly. Pizza Margherita became one of the most popular foods not only for the poor people but also for the noble and rich people.  Queen Margherita sent a letter, which is still displayed on the window of the pizza restaurant in Naples, to thank the pizza master Esposito.





Margherita, the most classic and popular type of pizza that can easily be found in any restaurant around the world, is referred to as the national dish of Italy with its green, red and white colors (basil, tomato, cheese). It is known that the annual pizza consumption per capita is almost 8 kilograms in Italy.




The Tastiest Pizza Types 

Classic Italian pizzas contain vegetables, cheese, meat, garlic and spices on a thinly rolled dough cooked on wood fire. There are various types of Pizzas appealing to every taste and suitable for every preference; however, the most common and popular pizza types include: Margherita;



Pizza Marinara, which contains tomato sauce, thyme, garlic and olive oil,

Pizza Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons pizza), which contains ham, eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives and mozzarella,

Pizza Frutti Di Mare, which contains seafood, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and tomato puree,

Pizza Napoli, which contains tomatoes, mozzarella, capers, tuna and basil.


Tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic and strong spices, especially basil and thyme, are the basic ingredients of all pizzas. All pizzas, from the simplest to the most stuffed ones, give pleasure and happiness, in common. Despite the fact that the pizza originated in Naples, this food, one of the most popular and consumed foods across the world, has always maintained its popularity since the day it was born. How would you like your pizza?

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