Special for Taste Lovers; Asmani Restaurant

"Eating" is not only to taste the flavors served, but also to have pleasant hours in a peaceful and elegant ambiance. Asmani Restaurant, one of the places that gives the best answer for those visiting Antalya and seeking both for taste and an elegant ambiance, is located at the terrace of Barut Akra Hotel. Being a delightful taste-stop with its impressive ambiance, quality service and delicious menu, which was designed with each and every detail in mind, Asmani Restaurant takes its name from the sky. Meaning “the place belonging to the sky, the moon and the sun” in Ottoman, Asmani has such a shimmering that justifies its name.

In Asmani Restaurant, the ingredients of every dish are well-selected. The journey of vegetables and fruits, which are grown under the Mediterranean sun, from the time they are freshly picked until they are served in your plate, and the skillful touches of the chefs, and the high-quality ingredients offer all guests an unforgettable gastronomic feast. Special salads, bruschetta varieties, mezzes, local and imported cheese varieties are also available as starter in the restaurant, where rich tastes from Turkish and World cuisines are offered to the guests.


For those who love Far Eastern cuisine, sushi, salads prepared with fresh vegetables from the field, seafood, red meat and a variety of chef's specialty are just a few of the tastes from special kitchen of Asmani Restaurant ... A rich dessert menu is also offered to you to end your meal with delicious and light desserts. The warning symbols included on the menu for the ingredients of all dishes also warn you against any ingredients that you may be allergic to. So that you can enjoy a safe feast in Asmani.



Shining among the stars along with the stars, Asmani Restaurant makes its guests feel “special” with its casual-fine dining concept. All you need to do is to focus on the taste on your palate and have pleasant moments. The rich bar of Asmani Restaurant, where you will feel both comfortable and special, has such a concept that allows you to relieve tiredness of the day. You can enjoy being special with cocktails, which are prepared specially for you and appeal to your taste buds, in Asmani, which only serves dinner, leaves a luminous route on the night and makes you feel like you are in a different world with its rich menu and relaxing view.


Tasting flavors that appeal to your taste buds while smiling at Bey Mountains, and enjoying life while sipping your favorite drink under the stars will leave beautiful memories in your mind. With the high-quality and distinguished signature of Barut Hotels' concept, Asmani Restaurant is a place that will be your favorite for its service, personnel, menu and view. Located at the rooftop of Akra Hotel in Lara Street, Sirinyali Mahallesi, Antalya, Asmani Restaurant offers service between 17:00 and 00:00.

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