Special for June 21st Father's Day

“Father”, the first word that many children say when learning to talk, has very deep meanings. Meaning a lot with only two syllables, this word is an expression that describes love and power. Every father is the first hero of his children, and this strong feeling reaches a peak on a special day. The fathers and their children are filled with a sweet excitement with the arrival of June. Celebrated for the first time in the 16th century, the Father's Day is crowned with gifts, celebrations and warm words of love. 

The third Sunday of June is a very special day for fathers, who are the embodiment of power, love and trust for their children. Protecting and watching over, and loving devotedly and unrequitedly, fathers have emotional moments on this special day. Making organizations, planning surprise events and looking for a gift for the celebration of the Father's Day, which has become a tradition all over the world, fill the hearts with a sweet excitement.

The story of Father's Day, celebrated for centuries, is as follows: Sonora Smart Dodd was raised by his father, who was an American war veteran. Sonora wanted to make a surprise to her father, who was a single parent raising his 6 children on his own, and took the initiative to make her father's birthday, which was June 5, to be recognized as the Father's Day. Although the date of June 5th was missed since it was too early, celebration of Father's Day on third Sunday of June was accepted.

It is for sure not possible to fit the value of fathers, who play a very important role in raising and character of a person and in everything such person does, into a single day. However, expressing the love and gratitude for them on this special day through words, surprises and a sincere and warm hug from the heart is a priceless feeling for both fathers and their children.

There are many messages for Father's Day. But the most beautiful message is the private one. Every father is special, and the words to be told him should be special.

The fathers, who are still alive, will be wished happiness and peace, while the fathers, who were bid farewell, will be remembered with longing and gratitude on the Father's Day to be celebrated on June 21 this year.

We wish Happy Father’s Day to all fathers...

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