Secret Of A Peaceful and Joyful Vacation In 5 Steps

As the summer approaches, the need for a vacation and the joy for sea invade you. If you live especially in a region with a continental climate, you long for the sea and sun throughout the whole winter. The plans are always made for the summer; you always dream about joyful moments where you can both relax and enjoy. If you prefer Antalya for vacation, then you will have numerous options. You should decide whether to accommodate in the city center or to prefer one of the hotels in any district or if 5-star hotels or a location in touch with nature such as Antalya Olympos appeal to you or not. Are you going to book reservation in a boutique hotel located at an old and historical spot such as Antalya Kaleici or prefer one of the luxurious and appealing hotels in Antalya? When setting the destination, you first need to arrange the accommodation to deal with the rest easily. Antalya is rich in nature and history, while it is a hotel paradise. It is possible to find an alternative that is affordable by everyone in Antalya, which is rich in accommodation options including from the smallest hostels and boutique hotels to the most comprehensive and best-equipped hotels. You have a wide range of options including from a crowded vacation full of actions to a calm and peaceful vacation.

1-Vacation in the City Center of Antalya

One of the cities that comes to mind when it comes to vacation is, undoubtedly, Antalya. If you wish to accommodate in the city center of Antalya to feel the fabric of the city, visit the must-see places and touch the history while enjoying the sea, you may prefer a boutique hotel or a 5-star hotel in the city. This may be one of the big hotel chains or one of the big hotels located in Antalya or any of its districts. If you are looking for such kind of a hotel, Barut Hotels, rendering service both in the city center and the districts, will offer you the vacation that you dream of. At the chain of Barut Hotels, offering service in the city center of Antalya, Side, Kemer, Kundu, Sorgun and Fethiye, you can enjoy a dream-like vacation. If you are looking for a more authentic vacation in a boutique style, you can book a reservation for any of the hotels located at Kaleici. These boutique hotels are ideal for feeling the fabric and the chirpy energy of the city closer. If you accommodate in the city center, you can walk around the shops, taste the special dishes that are specific to Antalya cuisine "on-site", visit museums, follow the traces of history in the ancient cities and ruins, and shop wherever you want, as well as swimming in the sea. The appearance of the city, which develops and changes every passing year, the magnificent view of Bey Mountains lying ahead the Mediterranean Sea with a stunning blue color, the splendid look of the cliffs, large and spacious avenues, whitewashed apartments, palm trees and orange trees, which have become one of the icons of Antalya, make you fall in love with Antalya. You can taste shish meatballs, piyaz (a kind of white bean salad) with tahini (sesame seed paste) and eggs, and burnt ice cream, which are all specific to Antalya, take a walk in the peaceful streets, and have fairytale-like moments at the observation terrace of Karaalioglu Park, accompanied by the endless blue Mediterranean sea. You lose the track of time in this city, which commits those who wish to accommodate in the center of Antalya during their vacation to offer numerous options and to make them enjoy their time to the fullest.


Shining sun, blue sea, clean beaches and comfortable hotels are the first things that come to mind when you think of Antalya. There are unlimited alternatives to swim in the sea in this beautiful part of Pamphylia. If you have planned a vacation in the city center, you can enjoy the beach in the daytime and the live music and entertainment in the nighttime at Konyaalti and Lara beaches. Sandy and calmer beaches make Antalya Lara a wonderful area. More pebble and lively beaches make Antalya Konyaalti a popular spot for vacationers… If you prefer to accommodate in a district, then the locations such as Side, Kemer, Beldibi, Camyuva, Adrasan, Finike, Kalkan, Olympos may offer you a dream-like vacation comfort.

In Side, you can visit many historical ruins, shop in the bazaar of Side, swim in the sea with sandy bottom, which does not deepen, and watch the sunset accompanied by a drink.

Smelling sweet like oranges, Finike is a pretty district where you can also touch the history. It can also be exciting to follow the traces of history in the ancient cities of Arykanda, Limyra, and Rhodiapolis, lose the track of time in Suluin cave and enjoy the sea which you have been dreaming of throughout the whole winter on the pure beaches of Finike.

Located in the district of Kumluca, Adrasan is also a popular location for the vacationers with its fascinating beaches. Adrasan is a popular location also for those who wish a calmer vacation. You can enjoy the privileges of a peaceful and calm vacation with green pine trees, blue sea, trekking adventures and boat tours.

The ancient cities of Xanthos and Patara located in Antalya Kas, the vast coast and the restaurants, which are known for sea food, are beautiful enough to enchant. With its pure and untouched beauty, Kas is a district which you will be addicted to. Once you go there, you will get used to go again every year…

Kalkan is a small, but also a pretty seaside town that enchants you. This small paradise, where Lydians, Hittites, Romans and Ottomans lived for a period of time, also enchants with its historical richness. If you are into water and nature sports, you can include Kalkan among your vacation options.

Olympos (Cirali):
For untouched nature, a calm and peaceful vacation, losing the track of time in every shade of green, the magical mythology of ever-burning fire in Yanartas (Chimaera) and the sea shining brightly, Olympos Antalya can be one of the best destinations for your vacation.

Ucagiz and Tekirova are also one of the locations where you can enjoy the sea in the endless blue…

3-History in Antalya

One of the factors that make Antalya attractive is its historical richness, as well as the sea. History springs out of the soil of Antalya, which was home to many civilizations. Described as "heaven on earth" by Attalos, the king of Pergamon, Antalya is a city that is located in a region where Pamphylia, Psidia and Lycian intersects.  You can take a fascinating journey to ancient times in Antalya, which hosts the oldest human settlement, Karain Cave, numerous ancient cities, worldwide known ancient Lycian Way, Antalya Museum that is one of the most important museums in Turkey, and many other locations to visit. Termessos, Olympos, Arikanda, Ksantos, Myra, Patara, Perge, Selge, Phaselis, Rhodiapolis and Side are one of the most known and must-see ancient cities. Cirali Yanartas, Saklıkent ski resort, historical Kaleici in the city center, Yivli Minaret, Marina, Hadrian's Gate and Gelidonya Lighthouse can be listed as the most famous destinations, which symbolize the city.

In this beautiful city which allows tourism for four seasons and twelve months, you will have the privilege of swimming in the sea, while skiing in Saklikent. You can enjoy a rich and colorful vacation combining forest, sea, mountain and ruins in Antalya, which is known as the basin of civilization.

4-Nature in Antalya

Nature in Antalya is made up of palm trees, orange trees, walking trails, forests, waterfalls, canyons, caves and much more. You can have pleasant and joyful moments in this city of sun, where everyone can find an alternative for entertainment. The tour spots including Gombe Plateau, Yanartas, Gulluk Mountain, Tekirova Ecological Natural Park, Koprulu Canyon National Park, rafting area in Koprulu Canyon, Bey Mountains Shore National Park, Goynuk Canyon, Green Canyon, Moonlight National Park (Kemer), Ataturk Park, Glass Pyramid, Karaalioglu Park, geographical formations such as Duden and Kursunlu Waterfalls, Ucansu Waterfall and specially designed structures will make you feel like you are in a wholly different world, and allow you to collect unforgettable vacation memories.


Entertainment in Antalya is never limited to the sea. There are also many daytime and nighttime activities to be enjoyed during vacation for those who are bored of sea or who are looking for a change for a few days. Water parks, sports complexes, walking trails, diving activities, bars, nightclubs and discos are the most special spots of entertainment. Having fun at Dedeman Aqua Park and Aqualand Water Park in the daytime and  enjoying to the fullest at the famous night clubs of the city, taking part in diving and motosafari tours, paragliding on Olympos Mountain and Baba Mountain, drinking hot wine by the fireplace at Saklıkent in winter and going for a walk in pure nature in summer are all pleasant activities that will allow you to return home with a fresh and renewed body and mind.

Antalya is not only a hotel and sea paradise, but also a distinguished city in Mediterranean region, which will offer you cultural nourishment and enrichment during your vacation along with magnificent Taurus Mountains, deep-rooted history in every inch, bazaars, museums, Seljuk artifacts, ancient heritage, delicious cuisine and unique beauty. And the sun rises differently in Antalya...

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