Running Team of Barut Hotels Participates in the 18th Runtalya Marathon!

Antalya has been home to a uniting event in every March for 18 years: Runtalya. 

This year, Runtalya, which has been running for 18 years, is going to be held on Sunday, March 5, 2023. 

Having been held every year in March with more than 10 thousand Turkish participants and participants from 255 countries, Runtalya brings together not only the sports lovers, but also those, who have adopted helping and sharing with others as a life philosophy, and highlights the power of unity. 

In addition to distances of 42 km, 21 km and 10 km, the marathon, this year, consists of a 2-km distance called “1 ADIM 1 HAYAT” (1 STEP 1 LIFE). Making monetary donations to AFAD or any non-governmental organizations running support projects for disaster under the coordination of AFAD is required for participation.

T-shirts and memorial medals, designed exclusively for the event, are going to be presented to the participants in the event, where everyone of all ages with no health problems are going to be allowed to participate.

This year, the theme of the marathon, which calls attention to a different social event every year, is the earthquake disaster that is also referred to as the “disaster of the century”. 

The marathon leg of "1 ADIM 1 HAYAT", which is going to be run to provide support to our citizens, who suffer material and moral losses due to the earthquake disaster occurred on February 6, 2023, with the epicentre of the earthquake located in Kahramanmaras, and affected a total of 10 provinces, and in particular, to children, will be run for the earthquake victims. 

Taking upon itself not only to be a player in the tourism industry, but also to show sensitivity to artistic and social issues, Barut Hotels is going to support Runtalya with its 50th-Year Running Team, and the marathon is going to be run for TEGV, which continue to make efforts for child victims of the earthquake. We would be glad to provide a healing touch for every child, who have been affected physically and mentally because of the earthquake. 

In addition to its primary objective of helping others, the event also calls attention to set an example for national and international sports event. 

We wish success to our 50th-year running team for Runtalya, where several organizations and companies participate as a team every year, and for the donation campaign.


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