Romantic Movie Suggestions for Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day has a romantic side in that it falls on the coldest time of winter as it is celebrated on February 14 every year. Watching romantic movies under the blanket with your loved one in your warm home while it is snowing or strong winds are blowing outside is perhaps one of the best activities to do. We thought you might need movie suggestions if you would like to enjoy such an experience.

Here are the romantic movie suggestions for Valentine's Day.



What Women Want 

Co-starred by Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, the movie tells a love story, where Nick, one of the characters of the movie, starts to hear the thoughts of women after a small accident. At first, Nick finds it scary and boring, but then he takes advantage of it to embark on an adventure to become the dream man of every woman. Nick starts it for fun, but then he falls in love, and then things start happening.



Rainy Day in New York

Written and directed by the famous playwright, actor and director Woody Allen, the movie takes place in New York with its romantic atmosphere. Rainy Day in New York, one of the favorite romantic movies, has an interesting story. Telling the story of college friends, Gatsby and Ashleigh, whose plans for a sunny weekend, are ruined as it rains, the movie can give you pleasant moments with its engrossing story.



The Holiday

Iris learns that her ex-boyfriend, whom she is still in love with, is getting engaged to someone else.  Amanda is cheated by her boyfriend. These two women, who have not met before, exchange their houses for a while through a home swap website. They both fall in love during this period. These two women do not want to be back to their own lives and decide to spend the New Year's Eve in England with their new boyfriends. Co-starred by famous actresses and actors such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black, the movie can be a great option to enjoy Valentine's Day.   


Notting Hill

Here comes an unforgettable movie of 90s. Nothing Hill, a romantic movie classic, is a highly romantic movie standing out not only with its plot and cast, but also with the beauty of Nothing Hill where it was shot and the visual feast it offers. Co-starred by Julia Roberts and Huge Grant, the movie is a real classic centering on Anna and William, who are in love with each other. Telling that love has no barriers despite all the differences and gaps, Nothing Hill is an emotional love story making you both smile and cry.


Midnight in Paris 

Another romantic comedy movie directed by Woody Allen: Midnight in Paris. Co-starred by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, it is a love movie focusing on adventure. A fantastic story telling the thrilling and adventurous moments of the engaged couple Inez and Gill in Paris, where they come for a short vacation...



Before We Go 

Two strangers meet at a train station and their journey continues until the night ends. Chris Evans stands out as both the director and the star of this movie. The movie is also co-starred by Alice Eve. With its plot and vibe that make you both smile and cry, the romantic comedy movie Before We Go is a great movie to watch on February 14, Valentine's Day.  



Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind tells about a man who has his ex-girlfriend erased from his memories. That man is Jim Carrey, one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to Hollywood comedy movies. The movie, which would be more meaningful to watch on February 14, Valentine's Day, is co-starred by Kate Winslet.



Pretty Woman 

A legendary romantic movie emerges when the beautiful smile and impeccable performance of Julia Roberts combine with the indisputable charisma of Richard Gere: Pretty Woman…

Produced in 1990 in USA and directed by Garry Marshall, the movie tells a story that will make you say "It only happens in the movies". Pretty Woman, one of the favorite romantic movies of all time, is about the passionate love that starts unexpectedly between a woman working as an escort and a wealthy businessman in the city of Los Angeles.


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