Packing List For Vacation With Baby

The packing list for vacation with baby is too long. You think of packing clothes, creams and shampoos, but you forget to take some things with you. It is normal to forget some things, while you are dealing with a lot of details. We have listed what you should take with you for vacation with your baby. Let's have a look at the list together:

Journey Vacation With Your Baby;

- The first important thing is the car seat on which your baby will sit. You can start your journey by getting a comfortable and safe car seat.

-Make sure that the sunlight does not disturb your baby, and if possible, use sunshades.

-You should take sufficient number of diapers with you for the journey.

-Do not forget to take spare clothes and shoes for your baby for little emergencies during the journey.

-If your baby started to eat supplementary food, you can take healthy home-made purees in glass jars with you.

- Toys or cartoons to keep your baby occupied during the journey will be very useful.

For A Comfortable Vacation With Your Baby;

-Since bug bite is a frequent problem during vacation in hot places, you must get a first aid kit when going on vacation with your baby.

-You should find out whether the hotel you are going to accommodate provide basic items such as baby bed, stroller, feeding chair or not; and if not, you should make your preparations accordingly.

-You can determine the number of clothes you are going to take according to the length of your vacation.

For Personal Care Of Your Baby;

-A high-factor sunscreen for babies is one of the most important products you should take with you on vacation.

-You should also take moisturizer, baby shampoo, body lotion and sufficient number of diapers and wet wipes.

-If your baby started teething, take palate and tooth cleaners so that he/she can scratch his/her teeth.

- The possibility of diaper rash in babies increases in summer. Do not forget to take rash cream.

For Sea Adventure Of Your Baby;

Baby towel; It is better to take at least 2 towels, one for drying after swimming in the sea and the other for cleaning after shower.

Swimsuit with UV protection; We recommend you to take at least two of these swimsuits, which have recently started to be manufactured and provide UV protection, so that your baby can wear the dry one after swimming in the sea.

High-factor sunscreen; You must take a high-factor sunscreen that is produced only for babies. You should pay attention to paraben content and prefer less chemical sunscreens with clean ingredients while choosing sunscreen creams.

Toys to play in the beach; You can take favorite toys of your baby or sand toys to keep your baby occupied and entertained in the beach all day long.

Swim rings/armbands; If this will be the first swimming experience of your baby, he/she may not want to swim in the sea. But, once he/she gets used to water, he/she will never want to get out of the sea. So, it will be useful to take armbands for babies with you to keep your baby safely in the water.

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