Nepal, the Mystical Country in South Asia

Situated on the foothills of the Himalayas, the highest peak in the world, Nepal is one of the most attractive and interesting countries in South Asia. Intense Buddhist and Hindu inspirations are visible in Nepal, which is unique in cultural and topographical aspects. With the summit of the Himalayan Mountains, Mount Everest has made this land to be referred to as the "roof of the world". This is why the location of Nepal is always wondered excitedly.




Located between China and India, Nepal, the capital of which is Kathmandu, has managed to preserve its unique identity without negative cultural reflections of the fact that it was torn between the two. With the Tibetan Plateau, the highest area on the world, in the north, Nepal is referred to as the country of "peaks". 





Nepal is also known as the place where Buddhism was born. The Monasteries called Gompa, which are located along the trade route passing near the capital Kathmandu, stand out as the most important cultural figures of the country. Buddhism is not just a religion but a discipline of life for monks and nuns in Nepalese monasteries. The monks, who strictly follow this discipline of life, are also those who play the most significant role in the emergence of the mystical identity of the country.




In addition to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, the cities, such as Bhaktapur and Patan, can be listed as the most interesting settlements. These 3 cities are referred to as the capitals of 3 different kingdoms in the past. Dating back to 1500s, the temples, palaces and ceremonial buildings in the squares, where a number of palaces is situated, in the city center are other outstanding elements of the city.  




When visiting this interesting, unique and fascinating country, the white peaks of the Himalayas must be visited before heading home. Situated approximately thirty kilometers away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a fantastic location with its panoramic view. With an excellent view when sun is about to rise, Nagarkot is a destination offering a full moon view with breathtaking beauty.  




Social Life in Nepal

Nepal is a country dominated by traditional and primitive living conditions and does not feature contemporary areas such as shopping malls. Being prevailed by marketplaces, bazaars and street vendors, the dynamics of shopping also bring the traditional Nepali characteristic into the forefront. The colorful shops lined up along the street look mystical and authentic. Precious stones, wooden bowls used for meditation, scarves, knives, local god figures, masks and aromatic teas are sold in these shops. You must not miss out the spices as well, which are essentials for Nepalese cuisine.


The view of mountains, which looks deeper when you look, in the daytime, and the venues of entertainment at night can be listed as what make this country special. As continuation of Central Asian tradition, the women stand at the forefront as an extremely powerful figure in this country. Women have a strong identity and are referred to as the ones who take care of the home and family. Women hold a respectable position and are regarded as a kind of head of the family. 




What To Eat In Nepal?

The cuisine of Kathmandu is delicious and diversified with rich spices. For those who do not like spices, this is not a pleasant situation for sure. The cuisine is mostly based on vegetables, since the cows are sacred in Kathmandu due to Hindu tradition. Nepal is an extremely eccentric, unique and interesting country which can make you feel that the time passes more slowly and realize that you can see the small details in life more clearly. 

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