Mystical Instruments Providing Relaxation and Serenity

Everyone knows the healing power of music. In particular, mystical instruments providing relaxation and serenity help benefit from this effect of music. Used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years, mystical instruments change the mood of the person through the vibrations they emit, and play an active role in helping meditation and entering a trance state. If you also wonder about the mystical instruments providing relaxation and serenity, you can read our following article.



Hammered Dulcimer (Santur)

The hammered dulcimer (santur), an instrument resembling the qanun in Turkish culture, is one of the first instruments that come to mind when it comes to mystical instrument. The hammered dulcimer (santur) is known to be originated in Iran, Iraq and India, this instrument belongs to the string and percussion family of instruments. The hammered dulcimer (santur) is distinguished from other instruments in that it is played by striking the strings with small wooden mallets.



Actually, most of us are familiar with the gong, which is among the mystical instruments. When the gong, which was frequently used in old movies, is played by skilled hands, it plays a role in helping your emotional, spiritual and physical balance. The gong instrument dates back to 4000 BC, and is frequently used in chakra balancing.




Wind-chimes, which we usually use as accessories in our homes, are also known as a relaxing instrument. The history of the wind chime, which is also among mystical instruments, dates back to Ancient Rome. This instrument also takes the flow of life energy to a higher level through the sound it produces.




Pan Flute

Pan flute is also one of the relaxing instruments. The history of the pan flute, which provides serenity, dates back to 6000 years ago. Pan flute is one of the popular and widely-used instruments in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. It is also known to have a calming effect.





Unlike the others, hang is a relaxing musical instrument with a very short history. This instrument was first produced in 2000 in Switzerland. Hang is made of steel. It is rested on the player's lap and played with hands and fingers. It is fitted into the group of hypnotic instruments because of its relaxing sound.




Diapason (Tuning Fork)

Diapason (Tuning Fork) is one of the instruments, which is both healing and calming. This instrument was first produced in 1711. The diaposon (Tuning Fork) is intended to tune other musical instruments. However, this instrument started to be played as a musical instrument due to its properties that ensure energy field balancing and increased adaptability.




Didgeridoo, one of the calming musical instruments, is a mystical instrument originated in Australia and known to be used by aborigines. Being among wind instruments, didgeridoo is one of the most primitive musical instruments.





Kalimba, one of the relaxing musical instruments, is also known as a thumb piano. This instrument is known to be used for the treatment of mental disorders. Kalimba, which also has a history of thousands of years, is known to be originated in Africa.

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