Must-See Spots in Trabzon, The Pearl of Black Sea

Trabzon is one of the most important and colorful cities in the Black Sea Region... Trabzon, almost a brand city, is the center that best reflects and keeps alive the Black Sea culture in every sense. Trabzon, which had been the capital of Trabzon Greek Empire until 1461 and for more than 2 centuries, is also home to a historical richness such as the Sumela Monastery. With its cuisine, natural beauties, historical artifacts and friendly people, Trabzon is among the must-visit cities. Here comes the answer to where to go and visit in this city, which is located at the heart of Black Sea region, for those who happen to pass by Trabzon...



With an altitude of 1100 meters, Uzungol fascinates the visitors with its natural beauty. It is possible to see the plateau and crater lakes with gorgeous beauty at the high points of Uzungol, which is affiliated to the district of Caykara in Trabzon. You can enjoy the moment at the hotels and restaurants located around the lakes.




Boztepe, which is like the roof of the city where you can watch Trabzon from a bird's eye view, fascinates with its view. You can enjoy the wild Black Sea, lush nature and clean air with plenty of oxygen while sipping your drink in the cafés located here.





Hagia Sophia Museum

Built by Christians who escaped to Trabzon during the occupation of Istanbul,  Hagia Sophia Church dates back to 1200s. Reflecting the characteristics of the late Byzantine period, the church serves as a museum today.





Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery, a mysterious and magnificent building carved into the rocks like a lace, is located in Altindere Valley of Macka district in Trabzon. It is believed that the church was built during 365-395 AD. The building consists of a Greek-Orthodox monastery and church complex. Built on high cliffs, Sumela Monastery took its name from the Mela on it. The frescoes in Sumela, which is also known as the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, are worth seeing.



Ataturk Mansion

Known to have visited Trabzon three times, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was hosted in this mansion on two of his visits to the city.  Located in Soguksu, the mansion was opened to visitors as Ataturk Museum with all the belongings inside after Ataturk died.




Trabzon Plateaus

Cool plateaus with plenty of oxygen are one of the most famous spots in Trabzon. These spots, the most popular of which are Haldizen, Lapazan, Sekersu, Garester, Sera Lake, Mavura and Kiraz plateau, also host festivals and various events at certain times of the year.




Trabzon Museum (Kostaki Mansion)

Located on Zeytinlik Street in Trabzon, the museum was built by Banker Kostaki Teophylaktos as a residence in the early 1900s. It is known that the architects, who built the mansion, were Italian, and most of the materials used in the construction were brought from their hometowns. The Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his wife Latife were hosted in this mansion on their first visit to Trabzon on September 15-17, 1924.



You must taste kuymak, Akcaabat meatballs, Black Sea pita, anchovy, black cabbage soup and stuffed black cabbage, Laz boregi and Hamsikoy rice pudding, which are all dishes unique to the city, when you come to visit the historical and natural beauties of Trabzon.

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