Must-Read Personal Development Books

Learning and developing is not limited to a certain age. Human beings should be open to learning at every stage of their lives and at any age. The most effective way to improve the vision and gain knowledge is, of course, reading... We should know the depths of our own souls and learn the technique of continuous improvement for a high-quality and peaceful life. Personal development books, promising this, show how to develop spirit, personal skills and abilities.



It is possible to be inspired, gain awareness, and renew and develop at all ages by personal development books. Personal books, which do not contain clichés and which are written by competent people and shed light on looking at life from a different perspective, can be preferred. Here we have compiled some of the major books to inspire you in your personal development journey.



Emotional Intelligence

Written by Daniel Goleman, the book, which has made tremendous impression, sheds light on human psychology. Highlighting that emotional intelligence is of more importance than digital intelligence, the book guides people to discover the magical power in them and to become a happier individual.



Feeling Good

Written by the Psychiatrist David Burns, “Feeling Good” is a scientifically-tested book that has a reliable basis and will make you view the life in a positive manner. Offering highly useful techniques for dealing with guilt and anxiety, increasing self-confidence and fighting against depressed mood, the book can be considered as a solid resource for personal development.



Thoughts to Myself

A book compiled from the thoughts of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius on nature and humanity, "Thoughts to Myself" takes you on a long and deep journey in you. What is our place in the universe? What kind of a journey are we on? Who are we? The book includes the answers to all of these questions.




Listen, Little Man

Written by Wilhelm Reich, the book makes the people question themselves,  turn into themselves and discover the conflicts and obstacles, and then finally get the peace of knowing themselves much better when they are out of woods. Making the people facing with themselves, Listen, Little Man can be an important key to making life more valuable.



Insan Muhendisligi (Human Engineering)

Introduced into the book category of personal development by Nuvit Osmay, the book offers a highly rich content. Being one of the most quoted books, Insan Muhendisligi (Human Engineering) is a work introducing disciplines and practices on personal development into Turkish.




Yasam Kocum Aristo (Aristotle, My Life Coach )

Written by Jules Evans, the book carries the thoughts of the prominent ancient philosophers to the modern age. Life lessons survived today from two thousand years ago are given in a sort of way like life coaching by philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Epicurus. Questions about existence and life reach today in unchanged form since that time, and make a great change in many readers.



The Art of Worldly Wisdom

The life experiences of Spanish Jesuit priest Baltasar Gracian, who lived in the 17th century, can be an effective guide for many people, especially in business life. Offering guidance on leadership, emotion management, friendship and many more, the book has also been appreciated by philosophers such as Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and André Gide.

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