Movies With The Theme Of Vacation To Watch At Home

If you are one of those who love vacation and discovering new places, one of the best activities you can do these days when you need to stay home will be watching movies with the theme of vacation, which will drag you into new adventures. The following list we have compiled for you includes movies with the theme of vacation, which will make you feel good.


Lauren and Jim, who divorced from their spouses, are middle-aged and single parents living with their children. The couple meets each other on a quite bad blind date and they are sure that they will not meet again. However, they will meet again on a vacation they plan to go with their children, being unaware of each other. Bringing them together in a safari resort in Africa, this coincidence will lead to a funny and entertaining adventure where they will have to share the same suite room.


Bucket List

Two old men from different worlds must fight against cancer in the same hospital room. The common point where the fate brings them together is that they both have a wish list of things to do before they die. So, these two friends list of things they have dreamed to do a lifetime. You will enjoy watching this meaningful and fun journey these two friends embark on together after leaving the hospital.


Just Go With It

Everything starts with a little lie in the movie, where Adam Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who falls in love with a younger teacher. The surgeon asks for an interesting favor from his assistant to hide the lie he told unintentionally and to make things better, and asks her to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife. This little lie will grow and turn into a fun Hawaiian vacation, including the children of the assistant.



Gorevimiz Tatil - Mission Is Vacation

The Mutlu family, who has not been on vacation for years, rents a caravan upon the conviction of the therapist they visited and sets off for Antalya with two children. However, there will be troubles waiting for them. First the caravan of the family breaks down, so they stop by at Yavaslar Village. The family from the town is hosted there, and they realize that the villagers have some useful information to teach them. Then they decide to support a just fight.


Eat Pray Love

Liz Gilbert is a good wife, who has a beautiful house and a successful career. However, she cannot stop feeling unhappy, depressed and lost. First, she divorces her husband and decides to leave everything behind. Liz wants to go on a world tour to find herself and what she expects from life.
 Various adventures are waiting for her during this journey. Eating in Italy, praying in India and finally finding her true love in Bali, Liz feels that she lives for the first time.

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