Moscow Travel Guide

There are so many countries to visit on this planet Earth… With their unique architecture, cultural texture, cuisine, climate and vegetation, these countries are extremely attractive locations especially for those who love traveling.  Moscow is one of them. Being the capital of Russia, this cultural city is known as the most populated city not only in its geography, but also in Europe.




It is hard to realize how the time flies in this highly energetic city, where exhibitions, festivals, concerts and all other kinds of events are held. Let's take a look at what you can do in Moscow, where you can enjoy various activities without spending a lot of money.





What To Do and What To Eat or Drink in Moscow

*You can take a boat tour on Moscow River and see the Cold War bunker at a depth of 65 meters.

*You can sip your drink in Moscow bars and enjoy the moment by watching the unique city view.

*You can take a walk, read a book and participate in the events held in numerous parks, gardens and squares in Moscow.



*Even watching around when taking the metro for transportation in Moscow is enough to please your eyes. Adorned with mosaics, marbles, tiles, paintings and sculptures, Moscow stations are not only spots for transportation, but also attraction centers in themselves. These stations, the most beautiful of which include Mayakovskaya, Kievskaya, Komsomolskaya and Novoslobodskaya, demonstrate clearly the deep aesthetic taste of the Russian people.



*With approximately 46 million items in 367 languages in addition to rich written sources, the Russian State Library is located on Vozdvizhenka Street at the heart of Moscow, and has an Internet hall and open buffet.





*Moscow hits the top in food and beverage culture as a city with numerous high-quality bars, cafés and restaurants. These spots, where not only delicacies from Russian cuisine, but also from world cuisine are available, also stand out in that they appeal to every budget.

*Moscow is also known to be city that is awake and alive for 24 hours. With an extremely active nightlife, the city hosts many discos, clubs and entertainment centers. You can take a city tour, go to concerts and theater and watch various performance shows at nights.


Red Square

Having hosted various shows and ceremonies throughout history, Red Square is a huge space, which started to be built after the walls of the Kremlin Palace were completed. You can see Lenin's Mausoleum and St. Basil's Cathedral in this gorgeous square located at the heart of the city. Welcoming its visitors with its colorful and stunning architecture, this area has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1990.



The Most Famous Buildings and Places in Moscow

Kremlin Palace

This majestic palace is located on Borovitsky Hill and now serves as the official headquarter of the President. The Kremlin Palace, one of the most magnificent structures in Moscow, served as the residence of the Russian tsars before the revolution. We can say that Kremlin Palace, the bell tower and museum of which are open to visitors, is one of the must-see structures.



Bolshoi Theater

Bolshoi Theater stands out as one of the most important cultural spots in Moscow. Designed by Joseph Bové in 1776, this building is impressive with its neoclassical architecture. You can see the stage costumes exhibited in the museum inside the theater building, as well as the best examples of Russian ballet.




Gorky Park

If you want to get away from the high energy of the city and have quiet time, then you can take a walk or read a book while listening to music in a quiet corner in Gorky Park, which has existed since 1928. You can also do bungee jumping and ice skating or take a boat tour and a horse ride in the amusement park and sports area of the park.



Pushkin Museum

Founded in 1912 and located on Arbat Street, the museum hosts a rich collection. You can see the Treasures of Troy, artifacts from Ancient Egypt and many paintings in this world-famous museum.





Arbat Street

The street, the most crowded and liveliest state of which was reached in 1986, was pedestrianized in 1994 and turned into an attraction center. With numerous shops, cafés and restaurants, the street stands out in that it is lively at all hours of the day and night. We recommend you to visit the Knights House and the Viktor Tsoi Memorial Wall while shopping and wandering around the street.


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