Montenegro Travel Guide

Montenegro is one of the smallest and youngest European countries with one of the oldest histories. Monte means mountain, while Negro means black. Having declared its independence following the referendum held in 2006 after the breakup of Yugoslavia, Montenegro has a history of thousands of years. In our travel guide for Montenegro, one of the favorite countries of those who are interested in history, we will share information you may need when visiting this country, as well as must-see places.



Montenegro has a unique topography. Its name mainly comes from its mountainous topography and nature where green and blue meet. In addition to its natural beauties, the fact that it is a country more affordable than other European countries attracts people who love traveling. Montenegro, one of the best countries to visit for cultural tourism, is a golden opportunity for families with children, young couples and those who are interested in history.



Basic Facts About Montenegro

Although the official language in Montenegro is "Montenegrin", a Slavic language, most people, especially in the tourist destinations of the country, can speak English. We can say that people here are familiar with Turkish people due to the frequent visit of Turkish tourists to Montenegro. Be ready to see Turkish words and signs when you visit Montenegro as a tourist from Turkey.



Montenegro, where the continental type of climate dominates, is also categorized as a sea country. So, we can say that the best period for the tourists is from April to October. If what you are looking for is summer vacation and enjoying the trio of sea, sand and sun in a different country, then Montenegro may be the right choice for you during the summer. In particular, the unique bays in Budva are perfect for sea vacation... If you don't like summer vacation, then you can take a vacation in Montenegro in the spring, when it is slightly more affordable than the summer.


The currency of Montenegro is the Euro. We can list it among the European countries, which can be preferred for travel with its natural beauties, prices more affordable than other European countries and worth-seeing historical beauties. In addition to other advantages, no visa is required to visit Montenegro since it is not yet part of the European Union. So what are the must-visit places in Montenegro?




We can say that Budva is the city with the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. Budva is quite more crowded and expensive than other cities. However, it is home to much more activities and spots. With more than 30 beaches, 8 of which are blue-flagged, Budva is among the must-see places.




Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, a Medieval Village in Budva, is a must-see islet. There are free beaches around the islet, which is located very close to Budva.






Various eating and drinking alternatives are available in Kotor (the old city center Stari Grad). There are various beaches around Kotor, which is famous for Dobrota Beach.






Perast, a town in the city of Kotor, is among the favorite spots of tourists visiting Montenegro. You can add a different color to your vacation with the amazing sunset view.






Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro. It attracts a great deal of attention of the tourists with its national parks, fish restaurants and wine tasting spots. With various bird species and natural beauties it hosts, it is one of the frequent destinations of the photographers.





It is a coastal town, which is also known as Porto Montenegro. It is one of the elegant and luxurious marinas. Standing out with its luxurious hotels and restaurants, the region is also famous for its historical streets.

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