Mind-Relaxing Meditation Techniques

Life-related responsibilities, worries, unsolved problems and stress affect primarily our mind. In particular, stress is dangerous since it lies at the root of many psychosomatic disorders. One of the most effective ways to overcome the stress is meditation. Being a technique known and practiced for centuries, meditation can also be a deep healing and mind-relaxation method. Numerous thoughts passing through the mind during the day reduces our life energy, making us unhappy, desperate and tired. However, if we can get a grip on our minds, we can realize that a different door opens.


Derived from the word “meditatio” in Latin, meditation means deep thinking and awareness. Meditation techniques may be your rescuer for a productive and peaceful life. Meditation is not a religious ritual or a belief system. You can both relax your mind and become aware of your own existence by meditation, which is a completely free method that finds its way in every religion and doctrine. You can practice meditation anywhere you want. All you need is full concentration. But the best place for meditation is quiet and calm environments. The meditation aims mainly to discover the existence, focus on the breath and mind, and achieve the inner peace and tranquility.

What are the meditation techniques?

Concentration Meditation

The first thing to do when starting meditation must be to focus on the breath. You should focus on a single point during concentration meditation. Repeating a word or mantra, looking at a fixed object, gazing into a candle flame or creating an image of a landscape in mind and watching that landscape are helpful techniques to concentrate. Since it will be very difficult for the beginners to concentrate for a long time, you can start with short periods of time of two to three minutes and then increase the time gradually.


In this meditation technique, you focus on the object of attention you choose. You do not allow the thoughts crowding your mind to catch you up, but let them flow away. The people practicing concentration meditation learn how to use their minds much more efficiently by improving their ability to focus on the subject and situation over time. Furthermore, they get away from anxiety and stress by achieving a deep state of calm.




Awareness Meditation

Awareness meditation is becoming aware of the thoughts arising in the mind. It does not mean to drive them away from the mind or to keep them crowding the mind. The distinction here should be to focus on your thoughts. Becoming aware of the thoughts arising in the mind and watching them passing through the mind without judging or commenting during meditation… Awareness meditation helps us to find out how our thoughts and emotions act, and we can see that our inner balance is improved.


When we turn practicing meditation techniques into a habit, we can make sounder and more accurate decisions, be happier and calmer, and feel better both physically and spiritually.

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