Mediterranean Is In Your Kitchen!

As the concepts of “healthy kitchen”, “natural kitchen” and “ecological food” came into our lives, the type of nutrition has led transformations. This old nutrition system, which seems to be new, is in fact the Mediterranean cuisine itself.

There are more than 18 countries, which have a coast on Mediterranean Sea. What comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about Mediterranean cuisine is a cuisine where fruits, vegetables, natural herbs, legumes, whole grains, nuts and olive oil as essential oils are used, fish consumption is very high and wine is indispensable. 


Red Beet Ravioli Stuffed with Goat Cheese


1 red beet (slightly boiled)
5 fresh raspberries
3 or 4 hazelnuts–
50 g goat cheese
10 g meshed mango
3 red onion rings
10 g olive oil
A pinch of fresh thyme
A pinch of fresh cut onion

Directions: After slightly boiling the beets, cut it into thin slices. Add goat cheese, fresh spices and olive oil, and mix them. It is ready for service after taking it to the serving plate and decorating it with other materials.


Sword Fish Cooked by ''Sous Vide''


Swordfish – 150 g
Baby carrot – 20 g
Baby cabbage – 20g
Pearl onion – 5g
Olive oil – 10 g Micro spring

Directions: Pan-sear the swordfish cooked by sous vide technique and take it to the serving plate. It is ready for service after the side garnishes (baby carrots, baby squash, shallots) are placed on the plate and the food is decorated with micro sprout greens.


Mini Mozzarella and Watermelon Salad


40 g cherry tomato
40 g yellow cherry tomato
80 g watermelon
10 g Balsamic vinegar
10 ml olive oil
30 g cheese mini mozzarella
10 g fresh garden rocket
10 g endive

Directions:Add colorful tomatoes, mini mozzarella, garden rocket and endive on top of sliced watermelons. After it is flavored with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it is ready for service.


Milk Pudding with Apple and Cinnamon


100 g milk
5g granulated sugar
2 g flour
2 g butter
1 apple
3 g brown sugar
1 g ground cinnamon

Directions: Boil milk and sugar. Roast flour and butter. Add it to boiling water and keep stirring. After it cools down, rest it in the fridge for about 2 hours. Cut the apple into slices and cook it with brown sugar and cinnamon. Leave it to cool down. After taking the milk pudding out of the fridge and whisking it, fill it into serving bowls. It is ready for service after the apple mixture, which has cooled down, is poured on it.

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