Manavgat Oymapinar Dam, Where The Blue and Green Meet

Being one of the numerous natural beauties and attractive destinations of Turkey, Manavgat Oymapinar Dam is one of the two dams built on Manavgat Stream in Manavgat District of Antalya and located in the south. Started to be constructed in 1977 in order to meet the electricity needs of Seydisehir Aluminum Plant, the dam was completed and commissioned in 1984. Oymapinar Dam is the second largest power plant in Antalya.



With a height of 185 meters, Oymapinar Dam has a magnificent look. The dam lake is accessed from the right side of the dam. There is a tunnel carved into the mountain above. Those who pass through the tunnel can get to the dam lake and enjoy watching the view at the observation terrace located there. The view enriched by the turquoise-colored lake and the flora with every shade of green is really worth seeing. At the observation terrace, you can also see Green Canyon, where boat tours are running. In Oymapinar, a boat tour in Green Canyon can also be a pleasant experience.


Green Canyon located in the area is a destination that takes its name from the nature and resembles a paradise. Surrounded by greenery and situated right in the heart of the canyon, this lake is also a favorite for those who like day-trips. During the boat tour on the lake that takes about 2 hours, you can enjoy watching the lush green and generous nature, while having the chance to swim in the lake.




This lake, where no boat tours were running in the past for security reasons, only the fishermen came for fishing, was opened to visitors in 2000 and then livened up. The world's largest underground stream is also situated in the middle of the dam that is visited by nearly a thousand nature lovers during summer. This boat tour will make you get your fill of greenery, while offering you the experience of swimming in the lake and having a delicious lunch.



How To Get To Manavgat Oymapinar Dam

To get to Oymapinar Dam, which is located 22 kilometers from the center of Manavgat and 93 kilometers from the center of Antalya, head to Manavgat Waterfall from the district center of Manavgat and then towards the north. You will access the dam if you follow the Neighborhood of Oymapinar with Manavgat Dam Lake on your right.

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