Magnificent City of Gaudi: Barcelona

If you are one of those believing that cities have their own spirit, then you feel delighted in a unique way when you are visiting or even just dreaming of a city. The characteristic structures of cities, their unique architectures and cultures distinguish them from other cities. There are even such cities that their colors are extremely specific and distinctive. Barcelona is one of those cities…




Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia which is one of the 17 autonomous regions in Spain, is a glamorous and fairy-tale like city standing out with its historical and artistic texture. Adorned with the impressive works of Antoni Gaudi, who is referred to be the most important representative of the Art Nouveau movement, Barcelona was also home to Salvador Dali, one of the pioneers of surrealism, and the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. 

So, let's take on a pleasant journey to explore where to visit and see in this fairy-tale like city.


La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, i.e. the Unfinished Cathedral

Having become the symbol of the city, La Sagrada Familia cathedral is one of the must-see structures in Barcelona that has turned into a special city through the touches of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, who was walking the fine line between insanity and genius. La Sagrada Familia, which is also called as "unfinished cathedral", is impressive enough to confound your perception of time and space with the way it looks, resembling a sand castle...



The construction of this fascinating cathedral, giving the impression that it might melt away in a blink of eye, has been continuing for almost 135 years, and it is estimated that it will be completely finished by 2026. Architect Gaudi spent a significant part of his career for this cathedral and he made his name shine even brighter by summarizing the construction of this structure over such a long time saying "My boss is not hurrier".  The basilica, construction of which has been continuing with an experienced team of architects, is visited for a certain fee.


Palau de La Musica (Palace of Catalan Music), the Magical Place of Music

Hosting spectacular concerts, “Palau De La Musica”, the Palace of Catalan Music, is included in the World Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO. It is a worth-seeing place with its stunning architecture.




Immerse Yourself in the History on the Streets of Barri Gotic

If you like old, narrow and mysterious streets rather than modern buildings in a city, then Barri Gotic must be on your route. With its street cafés, boutiques, street artists and unique shabby ambiance, the area called El Born must be on your list of must-visit places in Barcelona.  Formerly known as the ghetto but now becoming a trendy place, El Raval is also one of the must-see spots. Barri Gothic stands out also as the region where Pablo Picasso, who resided in Barcelona in the late 1800s, lived.   


Barcelona Park Guell, a Fairy-Tale Like Land

It would not be insufficient or wrong to compare Park Guell with a fairy-tale like land. Museu Gaudi, the house of Gaudi, is also located in this park, which hosts houses adorned with colorful mosaics, curved stairs and spectacular sculptures.





Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site is Worth-Seeing

This site, one of the best examples of the Art Nouveau art movement, is a work by the Catalan architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner. It served as a hospital during the period it was built. We recommend you to visit and see this site, where time almost stops.




Casa Mila, a Visual Feast

Casa Mila, one of the most famous architectural symbols of Barcelona, is a work completely made of stones and has an architectural plan, which you cannot see anywhere else. Yes, Casa Mila, a work all by itself, was made by Gaudi. It is also called as La Pedrara, i.e. the stone quarry, due to its exterior. The light show on the roof of the building is really worth seeing.



Barcelona is a Fairy-Tale Land with Casa Batllo

This is a building, which is also the fruit of the genius of Gaudi who was walking the fine line between insanity and genius. Casa Batllo, a fantastic house, is a reflection of rich imagination emulating herringbones, seahorses and dunes. With a must-see beauty, this marvelous building is also included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.



La Rambla: More Than a Street 

With its cafés and restaurants, La Rambla, likely to be the most colorful and enjoyable street around the world, is a lively and energizing spot. Seeing the sea at the end of the street offers another pleasure.




Camp Nou Stadium, the Pride of Spain

With a capacity of 99,300 people, Camp Nou is a truly legendary place. We recommend you not to leave Spain without seeing this fantastic stadium, where you can see all the cups of Barcelona. 

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