Life of the Great Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven

Everybody has heard of Ludwig Van Beethoven, one of the greatest composers in the world. Beethoven, one of those who had shaped classical music in the 19th century, is known as a German pianist and composer. Although the exact date of birth of the famous musician Beethoven, named after his grandfather, is not known, December 17, 1770, known as the baptismal date, is regarded as his date of birth.




The children were baptized at one day old when the famous composer was born. This is why the birthday of the famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven is celebrated on December 16. His grandfather, Ludwig Van Beethoven, was a conductor at the court. Johann Van Beethoven, Beethoven's father, also served as a tenor at the same court.





Also giving keyboard and music lessons, Johann married Maria Magdalena Keverich, and they had 7 children. Only three of their children survived.  Ludwig Van Beethoven, the second of the surviving children, grew up with his older brother Anton Karl Van and his brother Nikolaus Johann Van Beethoven. The first music teacher of the famous composer Beethoven was his father. Given disciplined and harsh musical training by his father, Beethoven was playing the piano for hours without stopping when he was 4.



Growing up with strict discipline, Beethoven took music lessons from Gilles Van Den Eeden and Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer after his father. Learning also how to play the violin and viola, Beethoven heard the fame of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was raised by his father, and wanted to become a famous musician just like Mozart. With his determination, Beethoven staged his first public concert at the age of 7.




Never giving up his determination to work and his work discipline, Beethoven published his first composition with his teacher at the age of 12. Following this success, he continued to improve himself by serving as an assistant in orchestras and operas.  With his admiration for Mozart, the famous composer went to Vienna and received a short training by Mozart.




He had to return to his hometown of Bonn because of the illness of his mother, but his talent was noticed by Mozart. Beethoven's mother died the year he returned to Bonn and he was engaged in a lawsuit with his alcoholic father, which resulted in Beethoven's favor. Taking half of his father's pension, Beethoven assumed the financial responsibility for his brothers.  He met Count Ferdinand Von Waldstein while giving music lessons to the elite families of that period and started to work with him.  After 5 years, Beethoven returned to Vienna and gained a reputation as a pianist.


Starting to stage concerts in 1795, the famous composer Beethoven began to suffer from hearing problems 13 years later. Beethoven became mentally depressed as he lost his hearing completely in 1817 and could not stage concerts any more, and went through difficult times because of his health problems.  He composed his most important compositions, such as Symphony No. 9, when he was deaf and mentally depressed.



In addition to deafness, he also suffered from liver problems in his late life. The cause of death of the great musician, who was confined to bed in the last days of his life, could not be ascertained. There are various diseases suggested as to the cause of his death, including syphilis, hepatitis and pleurisy. Dying at the age of 56, the famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven was an artist who was born not for pleasure but to create great works and change the era.

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