Lesser-Known Vacation Destinations in Europe

The geographical, cultural and natural beauties of Europe make it the most developed continents in the world. This is the reason why Europe is one of the most visited destinations by wanderlusters. In addition to numerous famous and popular cities, Europe is also home to lesser-known but must-explore destinations. For those who want to make a change and visit interesting, beautiful and offbeat destinations, we have compiled lesser-known vacation destinations in Europe. Our article Discover the City with New York Travel Guide can also give you an idea for a different vacation alternative. 


Bergamo, Italy

Sitting 40 kilometers northeast of Milan, Bergamo is an enchanting city that is located within the historical walls, enticing you into its mystical ambiance. It is ideal for a quiet and peaceful vacation, while enjoying the fascinating traces of the Middle Ages in the city, which is divided into two as old and new Bergamo.  



Lyon, France

Lyon is a city that is famous not only for being quiet, calm and serene but also for its gastronomy. With its elegant, stunning architecture, Lyon is an ideal destination for those who are looking for serenity.





Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht, the 4th largest city in the Netherlands, can be ideal for those who are looking for peace, as the number of tourists it receives does not exceed 4 million. The canals, historical sites, including especially the castles, as well as the film festivals held in autumn and the music festivals held in summer, bring the city, which stands out with its natural beauties, a different vibe. Just half an hour from Amsterdam, this city of art and entertainment is also ideal for those who want to see a different location. 



Luxembourg, one of the most peaceful and wealthiest countries in the world, where time flows slowly, also attracts attention with its noble and dignified atmosphere. We should note that autumn is the best season for visiting Luxembourg, which is beautiful all year round.




Tavira, Portugal

If you don't like crowds and noise, then we can recommend you Tavira, Portugal. Here you can enjoy budget-friendly and savory seafood to indulge your taste buds. With a coast on the Atlantic Ocean, the city also stands out with its beaches with legendary beauty. Nestling in Algarve, Portugal, Tavira is also home to several large and small must-see islands. The national parks, as well as the ocean, river and forest views, will make you enjoy the peace and serenity to the fullest in this city.



Osijek, Croatia

Sitting east of Croatia and on the banks of the Drava river, Osijek is home to pieces dating back to Ottoman period. The city stands out not only with its excellent urban planning but also with its impressive architecture. Famous for being budget-friendly, Osijek can be preferred by those who are looking for an affordable and peaceful vacation.



Graz, Austria     

Despite being the second largest city in Austria, Graz is not a popular destination. However, it is a highly secluded and quiet city. Autumun is the best season to visit Graz, which is home to the architectural, cultural and natural beauties of Austria.  





Galway, Ireland

Even though Dublin comes first to mind when it comes to Ireland, Galway, just 2.5 hours from Dublin, also stands out as a must-see city. Dunguaire Castle is one of the must-see sites in Galway, which is noted for its lush greenery, historical castles and famous pubs. May is particularly the best month for visiting Galway, which is a highly secluded and quiet destination.  



Bologna, Italy

Bologna, one of the cities that have managed to remain quiet and serene in Italy which is the country attracting the most tourists in the world, is also known as the Red City. With its medieval architectural features making it mystical, Bologna is a shining star in gastronomy. Here, you can eat the most delicious pizza, pasta and lasagna in Italy, while enjoy the serene atmosphere. With extremely colorful nightlife, Bologna is so fascinating that you will not regret visiting.  

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