Koprulu Canyon National Park from Isparta to Antalya

Some geographical regions are like heaven on earth. They attract the attention of humans with their natural flora, cultural richness and unique characteristics. Koprulu Canyon National Park is one of these destinations in the Mediterranean Region, which is located within the provincial borders of Antalya. Declared as national park in 1973, Koprulu Canyon National Park is just like a fascinating realm located in the valley of Koprucay, which starts its adventure from in Sutculer district of Isparta and flows into the sea in Antalya. Rising from Taurus Mountains near Sutculer district of Isparta and flowing into Mediterranean Sea around Serik by passing through the deepest of the canyons, Koprucay River is the apple of eye of Koprulu Canyon Park. Is there any chance for a geographical region, where water passes through, to be ordinary?

This magnificent canyon consists of narrow valleys stretching to Degirmenozu village of Antalya for an average of 25 kilometers. With an area of 357.190 decares, the largest cypress forest of the region and Turkey's best known and popular rafting destinations, Koprulu Canyon National Park also hosts many ruins from ancient times, which gives additional value to it.

There is so much to tell about Koprulu Canyon that you feel like stepping into a different world even when you just walk around. Koprucay is famous for rafting with canoes and trouts… Red pine forests and maquis shrubland spreading as far as the eye can reach, the rock formations known as Devil Rocks or “Human Rocks”, Ancient City of Selge located in the upper parts of the national park make you to have a fantastic time away from space and time.

Coloring up and beautifying the National Park with various colors, 230 endemic species specific to Turkey create a visual feast with their scent and beauty.  12 of these endemic species are unique to the region and make you feel that you breathe in a truly special geographical region.

While speaking of endemic species, we should also mention the fauna. Griffons, Bezoar goats, red-spotted trouts, and the Krüper Nuthatch (bird) are the resident inhabitants of the national park, which add further value to the park. In addition to the birds, existence of 37 mammal species was found in the fauna. The main species are caracal, wild goat, mountain goat, lynx, deer, bear, fox, wolf, badger, marten and rabbit.

The human (devil) rocks with giant dimensions looking like a massive man when looked across are just one of those charming elements of Koprulu Canyon National Park.

Those visiting Koprulu Canyon, one of the most interesting regions among the tourist attractions, for nature walk, discovering the ancient cities, watching the green nature, relieving stress and especially rafting will leave with unforgettable memories.

What To Do In Koprulu Canyon National Park

Koprulu Canyon is famous for rafting. The flow rate of Koprucay River is very high throughout the year. This is a great advantage for adrenaline seekers who want to experience enthusiasm of rafting. In addition to river canoeing, various and exciting activities such as nature walks, cycling and horse rides, tent camping, rock climbing and wildlife seeing can be done at Koprulu Canyon National Park. What you can do in this nature piece is not limited to these activities. You can capture colorful and impressive photos, attend geo-tours, enter the time tunnel in ancient cities, have a picnic and spend a wonderful day full of various alternatives.

If you are interested in history and archeology, you can take a walk in Ancient City of Selge, St. Paul Road or King's Road and on the stone roads connecting to cities of Pamphylia.

Handicrafts will dazzle you. The local motifs (patterns) and products such as handicraft knitting, embroidery, spoon carving, rug weaving, yazma (hand-painted scarf) lacing will give you extra pleasure.

You can also dive into the ice-cold waters of the river to escape from the humid and stifling heat of Antalya for a while. However, you should keep in mind that it might be dangerous to swim trough the canyon, since the current is strong. The reserved natural pools are ideal for swimming. Your rafting guide will guide you in this respect. Small waterfalls and water resources are truly a visual feast.

Restrooms, fountains and observation terraces where you can get a bird's eye view of the nature, will make you feel that your soul is completely renewed.

Exciting Rafting Experience in Koprulu Canyon

The first choice of visitors of Antalya Koprulu Canyon National Park is actually experiencing the excitement of rafting. This is the reason of the tourism mobility in the region, and there is also a track formed for rafting. After a short training and detailed briefing on rafting, you can put your life jackets and safety equipment on and experience an exciting and fun adventure on Koprucay flowing exuberantly. Get prepared for a great experience where screams and laughter collide and where you will spend so much effort, while releasing all negative energy. Horse riding and safari are also available in the region.

The travel agencies located in the center and Side district of Antalya will assist you for the safari tour and the brochures given will guide you. You can get to the region by the service buses departing from Antalya, Side, Kemer, Belek and Manavgat for rafting.

How To Get To Koprulu Canyon

How can you get to Koprulu Canyon National Park? When you get to Beskonak after passing through Tasagil neighborhood of Manavgat, you will enter National Park. The asphalt road, which divides into two branches at the 49th kilometer of Antalya-Manavgat Highway, will take you there. You can also self-drive from Tasagil neighborhood located at the 49th kilometer or prefer tours, since there is no public transportation vehicle available after this location. Whoever you ask in the region will help you get to Koprulu Canyon as this exciting location is the most precious and beautiful place of the region.

What To Eat In Koprulu Canyon

There is no distinguished restaurant at the National Park. However, you can easily find local dishes and various flavors in Ibradi. Antalya means fresh vegetables and fruits. Therefore, the vegetable dishes stand out in the cuisine. Jams are one of the outstanding local flavors. Antalya is famous for jams. Jams made from citrus fruits such as bergamot, citrus, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and fruits such as watermelon, eggplant, and fig make you feel special with both the image and the taste left on palates. Lighting a barbecue is also one of the greatest options. The trout restaurants nearby are also an alternative. Or you can take with you easy-to-carry packaged foods to solve the food problem in a practical manner.

Accommodation In Koprulu Canyon

We have to remind you that there is no luxury accommodation option within the National Park. Ibradi district and Urunlu Village are the closest destinations to National Park to accommodate. If you are interested in accommodating in a tent, you can set up your own tent and accommodate. You can also accommodate in the riverside bungalows. With the sweet tiredness of day-long fun activities and dancing with the water, you can have a comfortable sleep in the most comfortable accommodation alternatives away from luxury along with the singing of the river and the sound of nature.

Where is Koprulu Canyon?

The location of Koprulu Canyon is not about its coordinates. Koprulu Canyon is located at the best place you can imagine. Koprulu Canyon is right at the heart of nature, water, rewound time and present time… Koprulu Canyon is an amazing region where you can dance crazily with water, trace the ancient times and rehabilitate yourself with safari and nature walks or in short, where you can rest and purify yourself, and you should include Antalya Koprulu Canyon National Park in your travel plans.

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