Kas Long Bazaar: Travel and See

As a hotel paradise with its unique beauty, sharp blue and green color, pure sea and natural beauties, Kas district of Antalya is also one of the most important and most preferred holiday resorts in our country. Located at the foothills of steep slopes, Kas is a district that can be described as heaven on earth with its cobblestone streets, the sun shining almost every month of the year and its crystal clear sea.

If you prefer Kas for summer vacation and you are wondering about shopping spots, we can say that Long Bazaar is one of the cheapest shopping spots.

Long Bazaar is located in the middle of Kas district and attracts attention with the houses with bay windows. The bougainvillea surrounding the wooden houses evokes the desire to stop and watch, and keep capturing. Long Bazaar consists of stores located at both sides of the stony street. There is a wide range of options. Boutiques, souvenir shops, antique shops, jewelry stores, carpet shops and accessory stores…

You can enjoy the shopping experience while walking around Long Bazaar in Kas which maintains its classical architecture. Don't mind the name. It is not that long. At the upside of the street where Long Bazaar is located, there is a sarcophagus dating back to the 4th century BC, and the inscriptions on it are still clear. You should visit Long Bazaar if you are in Kas. This is an ideal place not only for shopping, but also for walking around in the evening. Whether you walk around or sip your drink in the bars or coffee-shops located at every corner, you will enjoy being here in anyway.  There are also shops and stores other than those in Long Bazaar, where you can buy jewelry, figures specific to the district, clothes, magnets, souvenirs and so on.   

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