Karain Cave, Included in the Temporary List of Unesco World Heritage since 1994

Dating back to ancient times, the history of humanity carries many proofs and traces into the future with its existence. Karain Cave is one these deep-rooted traces. Efforts are being made to get Karain Cave, which is included in the temporary list of "UNESCO World Heritage", included in the permanent list. The only place where the neanderthal human remains are found in Turkey, Karain Cave is located at Katran Mountain at a distance of 27 kilometers from the city center of Antalya, and is among the oldest settlements in Anatolia.


The stalactites, stalagmites and natural formations in this cave, where the Neanderthals, the first people, lived, and sheltered humanity from the Paleolithic Age to the Roman period, arouse interest even after thousands of years. Karain Cave faces Antalya-Karain highway, and the cave is reached by stairs. Located at an altitude of about 400 meters, Karain Cave is visited by local and foreign tourists for 12 months of the year.



You can go down for meters in the cave, and explore the columns, stalactites and stalagmites, and feel the fascinating mystery of ancient times in the narrow and dim corridors. Rhino, hippo, lion, elephant and neanderthal human remains unearthed during the excavations in Karain Cave, which was discovered in 1946 by Professor Doctor Ismail Kilic Kokten, carry the secrets about life dating back to thousands of years ago to the present.


In the cave, where votive inscriptions are located at the entrance, there are signs of worship to the mountain goddess and traces of that period. In Karain Cave, where systematic excavations have been conducted since 1946, archaeologists obtain very important traces and findings that will change the course of history. The lower jaw and bladebone of an elephant found during the recent excavations in the layers dating back to 300 thousand years ago arouse excitement, especially in those who are interested in history and archeology.


The greatest feature of Karain Cave is that it is the only region in Turkey where Neanderthals human remains are found. Karain Cave, the candidate for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, was examined by experts from UNESCO, and the requested standard was achieved upon completion of some deficiencies found. Karain Cave can be included in the UNESCO World Cultural Permanent Heritage list when the necessary arrangements are completed in the museum section and the museum is on display. 


Included in the temporary list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1994, Karain Cave will continue to she light on thousands of years ago when the necessary arrangements are completed and the museum is opened.

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