Interesting Information about Charlie Chaplin

The great comedian Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 as a son of a third-rate music hall artist. Her mother was performing on the stage when she found jobs, and taking him to the theater with her. In this way, Charlie Chaplin appeared on the stage for the first time when he was 5 years old. Lost his father at the age of 11, Charlie Chaplin was left alone with his younger brother when his mother got ill and admitted to a mental hospital. Charlie Chaplin, who had to earn for his living at a young age, became a master comedian at the age of 17, and went to Hollywood upon an offer he received.


Charlie Chaplin, who played an evil character in his first movie "Making a Living", did not achieve much success in this movie. However, his famous 'little tramp' character began to emerge and attracted a great deal of attention in his second movie "Kid Auto Races at Venice". Played in nearly 50 short movies, Charlie Chaplin became the greatest comedian of cinema by the movie "The Little Tramp", which he directed and starred in 1915. After 1915, he became the most popular and highest-earning artist in the world.


Charlie Chaplin Filmography

"The Gold Rush", "The Circus" and almost all the silent movies of Charlie Chaplin, all of whose short movies became classics, marked the history. Created silent masterpieces such as "City Lights" in 1931 and "Modern Times" in 1936, Charlie Chaplin had to bow to sound cinema in 1940, and turned the most impressive criticism to fascism, which was a problem in Europe in those years, into a screenplay by the movie "The Great Dictator".


In 1947, "Monsieur Verdoux", in which Charlie Chaplin played not the 'little tramp' character, but a murder comedy, marked the history as the first money-losing film of the artist. However, Charlie Chaplin achieved great success again with his movie "Limelight" in 1947. His last two movies "A King in New York" and "A Countess from Hong Kong" were the movies in which Charlie Chaplin lost his previous influence.



His House Turned Into A Museum

Charlie Chaplin was one of the unforgettable comedians and greatest geniuses in the history of the cinema. Awarded with the title of "sir" by the Queen of England in 1975, Charlie Chaplin died in Switzerland. Charlie Chaplin's house in Switzerland was turned into a museum on his 127th birthday, which was April 16, 2016, and the museum hosted 300,000 visitors in the first year it was opened.



Interesting Information about Charlie Chaplin

Being the first actor appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, Charlie Chaplin was very wealthy and he preferred to live in a small hotel room even though he was earning $ 10,000 a week in 1915, and kept the cheques in the trunk of the car. Charlie Chaplin, who was 73 when his eighth child was born, was also talented in music and could play cello and violin.



Joined a 'Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike Contest', and was ranked third, Charlie Chaplin's bag and walking stick, which he always carried, were appraised at 150 thousand dollars at the auction after the death of the artist. There is an asteroid, inspired by the name Charlie Chaplin, between Venus and Mars, and the full name of the asteroid is 3626 Chaplin. Even though the eyes of Charlie Chaplin were blue, it's interesting to learn this fact as we watch him only in black and white movies!

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