In the friendship of an animal and a human being, it is the human being who is most nourished by that friendship!

This year, we have decided to publish the article, written and sent by one of our readers about October 4th World Animal Day, as our article for October 4th. We thank our reader for sharing this meaningful article with us.

We celebrate the day of the animals, which color up life and are an inseparable part of our lives and the nature.



Another beautiful day has come. Today is the day of animals, our friends who beautify our lives and streets, make us happy and give positive vibe. For an animal lover, not a single day, but every day is the day to protect and love animals. A true animal lover thinks about, protects and takes care of them 365 days a year.

I would like to tell you about my dog, which has played a big role in development of my awareness towards animals. I'm 21 years old. I always wanted to have a dog, and she came into my life without knowing what awaits me and how to take care of a dog. It was one of the 5 puppies of a dog of a family which I love so much. She was the last puppy left because unlike the other puppies, the left side of her face was black.  Those, who came to see the puppies, were choosing other puppies, and when the turn of my pirate daughter came, they were turning up their noses at her as she was not white.

Thanks God they didn't choose her; we had a wonderful life together.

When you have an animal, people think that you take care of it and tell you how self-sacrificing you are, and if you take care of and feed stray animals, they tell you that you are an angel. They don't know that in the friendship of an animal and a human being, it is the human being who is most nourished by that friendship!

I have given my dear friend a home, love, food, care. And she has devoted herself to me.  She has loved me. She has loved me because I am who I am.  She has loved me the most, expecting nothing in return. She has made grow up, nourished my soul and played a big role in the development and strengthening of my personality. She has made me become a home-loving person. She has introduced the concepts such as empathy, compassion and conscience to my life.  She has brought a sense of responsibility. She has softened my sharp edges. She has become a friend, confidant and sister to me. I have learned to fight injustice while struggling with the social pressures she was subjected to. Those were the years when it was difficult to have a dog. We even had problems walking on the road. Even when I was a teenager, I was becoming strong as a lion when someone was rude to her. From the very first day she came into my life, when she was only a 40-day-old baby, to the last day in February 2005, she has never made me upset. On the contrary, my life would have been incomplete and meaningless without her...

And September 17, 2021… There was no escape from the feared end. She passed away naturally in my lap and became an angel at 17. When she was alive, she was my best friend, and now she is my guardian angel.  Her memory will live with me forever.

This is not a sad article, but an article of how an animal makes a person's life beautiful, and a letter of thanks to my friend. Even if it is very difficult to get used to her absence, every day, every moment and the great love we have shared are priceless.

When you adopt animals, love them so much, do not give up on them right away, and give them time, so you will see that it will all be worth it! They will love you more than anyone else and make every moment of your life meaningful.

Happy October 4th World Animal Day!

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