How To Spend Time in Kaleici?

Kaleici is a place, which you will want to visit in your first time in Antalya because of your curiosity about its fame, and where you will want to come back again to feel the narrow streets, historic houses and warm spirit.


Being a location which is close to nostalgia and history, but away from traffic jam despite it is located in the city center, and shiny and lively not only in the daytime, but also in the nighttime, Kaleici is also a shopping center…You can find antique and hand-woven rugs and carpets, leather clothes and bags, silver and imitation jewelry, souvenirs, and any other shopping item, which will please your eyes and heart, in this historical area that bears the traces of Seljuk, Byzantine and Roman period. If you are planning to buy leather clothes and accessories, semi-precious jewelry, antiques, hand-woven carpets and rugs, you may need to budget a higher amount. However, souvenir shopping on a small-scale is easily affordable.


When it comes to souvenir, especially jewelry and clothes in Antalya, Kaleici is the first place that comes to mind. We have to say that it is not the right place for cheap shopping, if you are planning to buy leather jacket, leather bag, fur and silver jewelry; so, in fact, it addresses foreign tourists. However, the souvenirs reflecting Antalya, imitation jewelry, colorful beads, local clothes, dresses made of gauze, original bags, magnets, mugs, trinkets, ornaments and any kind of souvenirs you can think of, which will make you remember Antalya, in the cozy stores of this small, but layered area, which looks like a maze, will smile at everyone passing by and be at affordable prices.

Coffee-shops, restaurants and bars...

There are also many coffee-shops and restaurants to relax and have a cup of tea or coffee after shopping in the streets of Kaleici, where you can get through Kalekapi or Hadrians's Gate, namely Uckapilar, or Karaalioglu Park. If you are one of those who say that they relax with music, you can relieve the tiredness of the day in bars, where all kinds of music are played at night. You can enjoy to the full at rock bars, bars where folk songs or fasil (a suite in Ottoman classical music) are played, and discos, bars and night clubs appealing to those who like to dance with popular music. You will see so many things to capture during the day trip. Old houses, the doors of old houses, ivies hanging down the walls, street cats, docile dogs who are more than used to see guests, and stone streets are at your service to form a perfect photo background. Life in Kaleici is joyful not only in summer, but also in winter; because it is also a meeting point. The residents of the city are more than used to have a midday or mid-afternoon coffee at a coffee-shop in Kaleici.

The fast-food options such as meatball sandwich, kokorec (grilled sheep's intestines) and appetizers, as well as the soup restaurants, which are open for those who are on the way back from the night entertainment, make Kaleici a center of attraction.

Sea and beach..

There are small beaches to swim in Kaleici; however, the long Konyaalti or Lara beaches may be the first choice to enjoy the sea.


 Hosting beautiful boutique hotels for those who prefer a warmer hotel   with a natural touch instead of five-star hotels, Kaleici is also a paradise   for the operators who are pleased to accommodate their guests in the   hotels, which were once mansions. The renovated traditional Ottoman   houses serve as boutique hotels. These hotels with pools in the garden,   where you can enjoy the live music at nights and relax in piece, perfectly   fit those who like shabby and bohemian style vacation.


Museum tour..

Suna-Inan Kirac Mediterranean Civilizations Museum is also in Kaleici. You can enjoy Antalya to the full in this location, where those who also want to feel the cultural texture witness the rich historical heritage .

Boat tour at Kaleici Marina..

You can take a boat tour by the boats anchored at Kaleici marina and enjoy the calming and relaxing trip on deep blue Mediterranean Sea with lovely iodine smell, which is surrounded by cliffs that are unique to Antalya region. The magnificent view of the Taurus Mountains, which fascinates and impresses everyone who sees it, the white snow covering the top of mountains, and the contrast formed by the blue color of the sea make you enjoy four seasons together, and you promise yourself to come back to this city again. These tours, taking 4-5 hours, make you cement the coastline of Antalya into your memory, so that you will not forget it easily. 


Antalya, the blond-haired and blue-eyed child of Pamphylia, is a special city where you can feel the history in every inch and through every layer. With the holiday resorts in the districts and five-star luxury hotels in the city center, Antalya is the most popular tourist destination in Turkey, while endearing itself with the traditions and classical texture reflecting ancient times. Located at the heart of this texture, Kaleici, is a place to escape for those, who are bored of  the speed and chaos of everyday life and miss the old and simple times. In Kaleici, the streets are made of stone, the houses are half-timber and half-stone, the flowers are colorful, the air is clear, the sea seen through is blue, time is bright, cheerful and refreshing, shopping gives pleasure, and history is still alive. Kaleici, charming those who visited only once, will make you addicted and long for it.

The answer to how to get to Kaleici is very simple. When you arrive at Kalekapisi in the city center, you are almost in Kaleici. The road down to Clock Tower will take you to Kaleici, which will drag you into a huge world through narrow streets that give joy, along with the feeling like lost in time. If you are coming from Ataturk Street, enter through Hadrian's Gate. You will walk under the magnificent monumental gate and step into Kaleici.

Getting lost in the streets of Kaleici will make you feel good…

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