Hidden Desert in Antalya: Patara Sand Dunes

Four corners of Turkey are surrounded with both historical and natural beauties. With its rich-blue sea, mountains, plateaus, lush flora and heritage from ancient times, our country has always attracted attention of the world. Patara sand dunes are one of these attractive places... Patara sand dunes, also referred to as the hidden desert of Turkey, attract especially the attention of foreign tourists.




It is an unforgettable experience to embark on an exciting journey on the dunes resembling a desert and to lie down on the sand and enjoy the silence and the sunset turning the horizon red. Embarking on a safari on horses and camels and swimming on the vast beach of Patara is an activity that purifies both the body and the mind.




Patara beach is located in the district of Kas in Antalya, and fascinates everyone with its kilometers-long, clean beach. Sand dunes, resembling a desert, complete this unique sea pleasure and make the phrase “from hot deserts into cool waters” a reality.





When it comes to Patara Beach, not only long and clean beaches, but also caretta carettas come to mind. Patara sand dunes, which have also become the nesting sites of caretta carettas, are a very special area to take beautiful photos, especially at sunsets.  





The sand dunes are covered with fine sand, just like in the desert, and safari tours with horses and camels are organized here. Journey on a horse or camel on the fine sands of 12-kilometer long Patara coast is so much fun.





Patara sand dunes, which were also used as a plateau in some of the old Turkish movies, create a fairy-tale ambiance like a desert located nearby the sea. If you happen to pass by the district of Kas in Antalya, you must see the vast Patara beach and sand dunes and dive into the sea here, and watch the sunset on the sands.

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