Hatay, The Taste Spot of Turkey

Hatay, one of the cities that first come to mind when it comes to palate delight in Turkey, is located in southern Turkey and in the east of the Mediterranean Region. Hatay, which hosted the Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Romans and Byzantines in early times in human history, has been settled by many civilizations since 100,000 BC. Annexed to the Ottoman Empire by Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1516, Hatay became a province of Turkey on June 29, 1939.



Hatay is a city welcoming thousands of local and foreign tourists every year with its historical beauties, cultural heritage and fantastic nature. We can say that Hatay, which has embraced various beliefs such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism from past to present, is one of the main religious tourist attractions. Hatay, the city bringing different beliefs together, is also very famous for its legendary cuisine and various delicacies.



Referred to as the taste spot of Turkey, Hatay is a city, which has managed to enchant the tourists with its wonderful delicacies. When it comes to local dishes of Hatay, different types of kebabs, numerous mezzes, delicious pot dishes and desserts unique to the region come to mind. Taking its visitors on a culinary journey, Hatay has managed to deserve to be regarded as the taste spot of Turkey with its famous dishes. We seem to hear you asking what to eat in Hatay. Here are the most famous taste spots in Hatay:



Avlu Restoran

Avlu Restaurant, one of the famous spots for dinner in an elegant ambiance in Hatay, presents various famous dishes of Hatay. You can spice up your evening with various meat dishes, kebabs, gavurdagi salad, cig kofte (Turkish-style steak tartar) and bread varieties unique to Hatay. Semolina halva with cheese is one of its famous desserts.



Sini Kebapcisi

Sini kebab (kebab in the tray), one of the must-taste dishes in Hatay, is made perfectly by many of the spots. Although the portions vary according to the weight of the meat you wish to eat, the unique taste served in the tray and the amazing presentation accompanied by the hot pita and fresh mint are almost the same anywhere you taste it. We sincerely recommend you to taste this delicacy, which will delight you with its look and taste.


Sultan Sofrasi

You can easily find restaurants making delicious local dishes in Hatay, and Sultan Sofrası is the most famous of these restaurants. You can taste many local delicacies from oruk to firik pilaf, from spinach borani to asur and bring a whole new flavor to your life.




Affan Kahvesi

With its ageless chairs older than 70 years and fantastic ambiance, Affan Kahvesi, one of the oldest and most historical spots in Hatay, offers you the delicacies that will cheer up your coffee pleasure. You can enjoy the feast of taste with coffee varieties, handmade muhallebi (Turkish style milk pudding) and Haytali (a dessert made with handmade ice cream and rose syrup), the famous dessert of Hatay.



Cinaralti Kunefe

Before you leave Hatay, you must taste kunefe, one of the first desserts that come to mind when it comes to Hatay. Located in Uzun Bazaar, Cinaralti Kunefe offers its visitors the real Hatay kunefe, making you eat more and delighting the tourists with its sweetness. You can choose to crown your day with kunefe after the meal.

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