Happy October 29th, Republic Day!

Republic Day, which we celebrate with enthusiasm and excitement every year on October 29, still makes us proud as the most significant indicator of our independence. Beyond being a form of government, the Republic, the 98th anniversary of which we will celebrate this year, has been acting as cement keeping Turkish nation together for almost a century.

The Republic, a form of government where the nation establishes its own independence with its own will and makes it sustainable with the members of parliament elected, was gifted and entrusted to future generations by the Great Leader Atatürk.

Turkey's new form of government was established as the Republic in accordance with the constitutional amendment made in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on October 29, 1923. This year, we will celebrate the enthusiasm brought by the Republic, which we have been celebrating for 97 years since then, for the 98th time.      

Defeated in the First World War, The Ottoman Empire was in a desperate situation in the occupied Anatolian lands. The people under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha took place at the forefront of the national struggle, and this honorable struggle ended up with the victory of the national forces in 1923. 

The representatives of the public met in Ankara on April 23, 1920 under the name of the Grand National Assembly.

With the acknowledgment of the Fundamental Organization Law (Teskilat-i Esasiye) on January 20, 1921, it was declared that the sovereignty belongs to Turkish nation, and the sultanate was abolished on November 1, 1922 in accordance with the resolution adopted.   

On October 27, 1923, the Cabinet resigned, and a new cabinet could not be formed. Mustafa Kemal Pasha drafted a law amendment in cooperation with Ismet Pasha and the draft was submitted to the Parliament on October 29, 1923. Thus, the Republic, the foundation of the country and the cement of the nation, was officially proclaimed by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.  

The Republic was declared by 101-gun salute in Ankara. 

Having been celebrated with ceremonies across the country and at foreign representative offices and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus since it was established, Republic Day is eagerly awaited every year as a day, when everywhere is adorned with red Turkish flags with white star and crescent and which is crowned with balls. This national holiday, when memorized poems and marches are sung with enthusiasm, has a special place in the hearts of the nation as a special day, which brings all people in the country, of all ages, together and is celebrated with pride.

This glorious day, which was declared as a national holiday in accordance with the law enacted in 1925, was designated as a national holiday in the 10th year speech of Atatürk on October 29, 1933, when the tenth anniversary of the Republic was celebrated.

In the afternoon on October 28 and a full day on October 29, which makes a day and a half in total, has been declared as public holiday in the countries where this special day is celebrated.

The enthusiasm of October 29 is celebrated with festivities in the stadiums during the day and torchlight processions at night, and the enthusiasm peaks as the 100th anniversary of the Republic approaches.

Wish to celebrate many 100th years with enthusiasm and excitement, Happy October 29th, Republic Day for whole nation!

We commemorate the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his brothers in arms with respect, gratitude and longing.


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