Happy March 8, International Working Women's Day

Celebrated by all women around the world with the similar awareness and feelings, International Women's Day, also known as International Working Women's Day, is a special day originated from a stand and protest. Let's take a look at what was considered when this special day came about almost 100 years ago and how it developed.

The beginning of International Women's Day dates back to the labor movements. The foundation of this special day, recognized by United Nations also as the International Working Women's Day, was laid in New York in 1908 when 15,000 working women requested more humane working hours and conditions, higher salaries and the right to vote.

One year later, the US Socialist Party declared March 8 as National Women's Day. Clara Zetkin was the first to propose making this special day international. The proposal of Zetkin, the originator of the idea of International Women's Day, was unanimously adopted by 100 women from different countries at the International Working Women's Conference held in Copenhagen in 1910.

International Women's Day was adopted by the United Nations, an international organization, in 1975 and particular themes have been chosen for each year. On March 8, International Women's Day, protests are held to emphasizing gender inequalities, while politic and social achievements of women are celebrated.

Why March 8?

Clara Zetkin did not underline specifically March 8 when igniting the spark of this special day. When Russian women workers hit the streets shouting for bread and peace, the World War I was still ongoing. 4 days after the start of these protests, the Russian Tsar was overthrown and the women were granted the right to vote.

These protests started on February 23, according to the Julian calendar.  It was March 8, according to the more common Gregorian calendar. March 8 has been declared as holiday in some countries. In Italy, the tradition of giving mimosa flowers to the women on this special day, also known as "La Festa della Donna", continues.

On this day when the flower sales peaks all over the world, the problems that women face in business and social life are commemorated and the women's rights are highlighted, gratifying the women in a sense. With wishes being made that women are no longer subject to oppression, despisement, harassment and bullying in civil and business life, the stage of history and today's modern world, March 8 is regarded as a day when the value of women is better appreciated.

We look forward to the days when women giving birth, making efforts, reproducing, enriching and turning every place into a flower garden with their touches can get the respect, value and loyalty they deserve. Happy March 8, International Women's Day to all women around the world.   


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