Give A New Look to Your Tops With Little Touches! *Do It Yourself

Many of us have some unworn clothes in our wardrobes. The clothes, forgotten after being liked and bought but worn for a few times or never worn, are kept on wardrobe shelves for a long time, and the number of these clothes increase over time and turn into a pile of clothes. Some have gone out of fashion or become boring for us. Isn't it a great idea to rework and give a new look to these clothes that we don't have the heart to throw away? Recycling both contributes to your budget and changes your wardrobe style. You can reflect your own style with this renewal. In this article, you will find tips on how to renew your old or unworn tops and make them trendy. Let's renew your wardrobe together!


Tassel Top

Tassel tops never go out of fashion. You can use a plain, basic top for making a tassel top that is an extremely stylish and useful model. Cut the bottom of the top into stripes by scissors and tie them in knots. Your new tassel top that can easily be combined with blue jeans and shorts is ready!




Top with Lace Detail

"DIY", i.e. Do It Yourself, project turns unused clothes into trendy and stylish clothes. The touch of magic wand of DIY allows you to turn your shirt with solid color into a beautiful shirt with lace. Cut the shirt collar in V-shape and sew the lace of a size fitting that part. If you wish, you can add a different style to your new shirt by making the shoulder parts shirred.



Lace-Up Tops

It is not difficult to have clothes with a complex look and rich details with quiet simple touches. Lace-up top is one of them. You can turn a top with solid color into a lace-up top. The first and main thing to do is to cut the top in half. Then, make buttonholes in a certain distance, thread the laces and get a top with a cross-lace front neck!



Body with Cross Front Neck

Bralette-style body with cross front never goes out of fashion. You can turn your strappy or short-sleeved body with solid color into a stylish cross body with a few simple touches. So, let's start. Firstly, cut the back of the body up to the waistline. Secondly, cut the front in half. Cross two pieces in the front and tie them at the back. Your cross body is ready!



Asymmetrical Tops

Even though asymmetrical models appear and disappear from time to time, they never go out of fashion. You can get a stylish top with asymmetrical cut by DIY project. You need to cut the sleeve of your t-shirt. Cut the other sleeve in half and chop the lower part of the body. Tie these parts in a bow. Your asymmetrical top is ready.




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