Gelideonya, Guiding Lighthouse Of The Mediterranean

Defined as "Towers which are built on rocks and located at dangerous places regarding navigation to guide the ship captains by bright light at the top flashing on foggy and misty nights" in the dictionaries, lighthouses are also a silent guide that inspires many stories, fairy tales, songs and feelings. Looking like speaking through the flashing light and resembling bold sailors with their bodies rising alone on the rocks, lighthouses highlight their life-saving and guiding identities by their dignified and reassuring stances. Built on the most dangerous locations of the seas and bays, these silent guides attract people and arouse interest. The Alexandria Lighthouse in Alexandria and Tower of Hercules in Spain are the first known lighthouses.  Located in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, Gelidonya Lighthouse is known as the highest lighthouse in Turkey.  Rising in Taslik Cape in Kumluca district of Antalya, this lighthouse is located on the ancient Lycian way. Opened in 1936, the lighthouse is also on a wonderful walking route. Located at a point where blue meets green, the lighthouse is one of the must-see tourist attractions for those who love lighthouses.

Gelidonya Lighthouse, which is also known as Taslik Cape Lighthouse, is 227 meters above sea level and 3 kilometers from the shore. You can get to Gelidonya by sea way or by a long-walk through the pathway. The view of Gelidonya Lighthouse, surrounded by refreshing pine smells and deep blue water of Mediterranean Sea, is worth to see.

The maintenance of this dignified and huge lighthouse has been covered by Demir Family for three generations. The children of the family are grown up here, living a quiet life in the magic of this silent, but deep ambiance.

Located on Lycian Way in Antalya, Gelidonya Lighthouse hosts many visitors especially in the spring when nature wakes up. Gelidonya Lighthouse has been taken under protection by the General Directorate of Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue Operations under the status of national heritage.


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