Famous Local Dishes of Mugla

In rich geography of Turkey, each region has its own cuisine. Aegean cuisine is one of them. Mugla, one of the most famous holiday destinations in the country, is a delicious cuisine that reflects all the characteristics of Aegean cuisine. Including popular holiday destinations such as Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum, Mugla impresses not only by its nature and sea, but also by its rich cuisine. The rich and layered vegetation of Mugla also reflects on its cuisine. The dishes become more delicious and leave marks on palates by the plants, vegetables and herbs specific to the region.


Even though Mugla reflects Aegean cuisine, the meat dishes stand out as much as olive oil dishes. Tarhana is one of the first flavors that come to mind when it comes to dishes of Mugla. Being dried in the yards and on the roofs of the houses in summer, tarhana cheers the tables in winter. Keskek is another flavor. Keskek, one of the most special wedding dishes, is also one of the most important and famous dishes of Mugla cuisine.




The frequently used ingredients, which characterize Mugla cuisine, are also an important detail for those who are fond of their palates. The dishes become more delicious and unique by the ingredients such as rock salt, mallow, chard, unriped grape, and wild radish. The dishes such as sundurme (a dessert made with fresh cheese and sugar), cokertme kebap, Bodrum ravioli, Milas meatballs, stuffed beef breast, sour fish, goat stew, Mugla Halkasi (a kind of pastry), sour fish, tarhana soup, stuffed zucchini flower, borulce eksilemesi (sour cowpea) and lokma can be listed as the prominent tastes of Mugla cuisine.



Cokertme Kebab is one of the best-known dishes of Mugla. The beef is placed on the fried potatoes that are cut lengthwise in matchstick size pieces, and served with yogurt and heated butter. Cokertme kebab is a popular and well-known dish that entered the menus in almost every region of Turkey. Keskek is a very special and deep-rooted taste made with chicken thigh, wheat and butter.




Sour Fish is a dish made by cooking the sea bass or coral fish with a mixture roasted in flour and added with lemon juice.   Being a local dish, sour fish dish is also known as “Eksili balik”. Tarhana Soup is a delicious and fulfilling soup made by blending homemade tarhana with dried cowpea, roasted meat and a rich sauce. Mugla-style tarhana soup, which is a different form of tarhana that symbolizes winter, is a rich and nutritious meal that is enough on its own to be the main dish.



Being the favorite of Aegean cuisine, Stuffed Zucchini Flower is also at the forefront of Aegean cuisine. Prepared by plenty of spices and olive oil, stuffed zucchini flower is one of the must-taste dishes. Borulce Eksilemesi (Sour Cowpea) is a cowpea dish that is blended in the sauce roasted with flour. It is also known as borulce teltor. It is a different and special taste. Lokma is a very popular and widely consumed pastry in Mugla region. The fried lokma is served with sugar or honey. The one with sherbet is also a preferred sweet dumpling.



Those who are on vacation in and around Mugla can also find these local dishes at the kitchens of the hotels where they accommodate. It is possible to taste these local dishes in the restaurant menu of TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Fethiye, which is the Fethiye leg of Barut Hotels that offer accommodation services in Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Bringing together the special dishes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine from the hands of master chefs with the palate of its guests, Barut Hotels stand out with its menu that blends both world and country cuisine successfully.


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