Extreme Sports That Can Be Done in Türkiye in the Summer

People do sports not only to stay healthy but also for fun and joy. For some, sports become a way of life. Extreme sports appeal especially to adrenaline- and fun-seekers. Extreme sports require speed, physical power, strength and ability to focus attention, while they offer great excitement and enthusiasm. So, this brings to mind the question “What is extreme sport?”. 




What is Extreme Sport? 

All the sports activities, which are preferred by adrenaline seekers with high physical conditioning, are called extreme sports. Extreme sports require long years of experience in this field. 




What are the Extreme Sports That Can be Done in Türkiye?

Turkey is a paradise for extreme sports. There are a lot of extreme sports that can be done in Türkiye in the summer. Paragliding, scuba diving, canoeing, kitesurfing, wingsuit flying, windsurfing, jet surfing, rafting, freediving, rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing can be listed as the most common extreme sports. 



Paragliding, kitesurfing, scuba diving and canoeing can also be listed as the most popular extreme sports in our country. For extreme sport-lovers, here are the most popular extreme sports and their destinations:






Paragliding was started by air sports enthusiasts in the 1980s in Türkiye. It does not require an engine-driven air vehicle or a runway. All you need is a high slope and a professional pilot-guide. 





When it comes to where to go paragliding, Oludeniz comes to mind first. Oludeniz is a destination that has been identified with paragliding. You can take off from a high slope and glide like a bird over the excellent sea view, accompanied by experienced pilots. 





In addition to Oludeniz, you can also do paragliding in Kas, Pamukkale Dinamit Tepesi, Trabzon Uzungol and Sakarya Serdivan. If you do not want to do this sport once during your summer vacation but want to become a professional paraglider, then you can attend the paragliding training courses held by the Turkish Aeronautical Association and receive a certificate.     





Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is basically similar to windsurfing with some differences. Kitesurfing can also be described as windsurfing by means of parachutes. Using the power of the wind, kitesurfing offers not only extreme excitement to the kitesurfing-enthusiasts but also excellent pleasure to the eyes. For kitesurfing, one of the most preferred activities by extreme sports-enthusiasts, Gokova is the most popular destination in Türkiye. As soon as the summer season starts, Gokova and Akyaka in Mugla are flooded by sports enthusiasts. Patara, Datca, Gokceada and Alacati can be listed as other ideal destinations preferred for kitesurfing.  



Scuba-diving is one of the most popular extreme sports in our country. Diving enthusiasts from different parts of Turkey and the world go to Bodrum, Kas, Fethiye, Ayvalik and Saros to enjoy this thrilling sport. Allowing you to dive into the deep sea accompanied by experienced trainers, scuba-diving has different levels of depth and difficulty. Many people love scuba-diving as it is a way to have a great time in the unique, quiet and mysterious world under the water, where time flows slowly.




Canoe is a simple, small sea transportation vehicle that is also used in one of the extreme sports. The most popular destinations for canoeing, which is done with 3-5 people per boat using protective equipment, are Antalya, Mugla, Sakarya, Trabzon, Rize, Van and Erzincan in Türkiye.  




You can include these extreme sports that can be done in Türkiye in the summer and the ideal destinations in your travel bucket list, and enjoy a summer experience filled with excitement and adrenaline.  After reading this article, please read our article The Most Beautiful Campsites in Europe to learn about the destinations where you can enjoy the pleasure of camping. 





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