Explore the Mystery of the Southeast on the GAP Tour!

Southeast, one of the most deep-rooted, richest and mysterious geographies in Turkey for its history and culture, is one of the most popular alternative vacation destinations. GAP tours offer the opportunity to see the hidden beauties and ancient and deep-rooted history of this place closely and collect great memories.

GAP tours allow you to explore the historic fabric of the region, enjoy fun activities and taste delicacies from Turkish and Eastern cuisine, one of the favorite cuisines across the world, on the spot. You can witness a unique world in the Southeast, which is extremely rich in gastronomy as well.




What to do during the GAP Tour?

During the GAP tour, you can see UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage sites, thousands of years old mosaics, historical sites, ancient artifacts, and taste unique delicacies specific to each region in their own kitchens, and witness how all the monotheistic religions coexist shoulder to shoulder peacefully and respectfully.



Mount Nemrut, Balikligol, Midyat, Medusa Museum of Glass Works and Antakya Castle are the must-see places that come to mind first when it comes to GAP tour. Let's take a look at the remarkable stops waiting for you during the GAP tour.






Discovering Sanliurfa can be one of the answers to what to do during the GAP Tour. You can see Eski Urfa Kalesi (Old Castle of Urfa), feed fishes in Balikligol, go to Harran and Ataturk Dam, visit the important museums and mosques in the city and Gobeklitepe, the oldest worship center in history, and taste delicacies specific to the city.




You can lose yourself in the unique and matchless architectural texture and narrow streets of Mardin, visit Mardin Castle and Dara Ruins, see various religious buildings such as the Church of Virgin Mary, Ulu Mosque, Kasimiye Madrasah and Deyrulzeferan Monastery, stop by at Midyat, stuffed lamb ribs, seasoned rice with almond, lemonade with ginger, Assyrian wine and many more delicacies unique to the city, and enjoy magical time in this peaceful geography where all religions meet.



There are various places to see in this southeastern city, which is famous for its delicious cuisine and rich culture. You can visit St. Pierre Church, famous mosques and archeology museum, go through Titus Tunnel, cross Demirkopru on Asi River, climb Antakya Castle and its walls, and taste the traditional delicacies of the region and local flavors and products, such as salted yoghurt, red pepper paste, cara (testi) cheese, kunefe and mulberry syrup, in Hatay.




With its bazaar, unique streets, and especially important places such as Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep Castle, Ancient City of Duluk, Medusa Museum of Glass Works, Coppersmiths Bazaar, Emine Gogus Culinary Museum and Gaziantep Museum, Gaziantep is one of the most important stops of the GAP tour. 




Apart from aforecited, sira nights and legendary cuisine are perhaps one of the greatest details that come to mind when it comes to Gaziantep. You must experience Antep cuisine with desserts made with plenty of pistachios, lahmacun, baklavas, dried eggplants, kebabs, pistachios with unique flavor, katmer with clotted cream, flaked red pepper and various spices including especially zahter.   


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