Discover Amasra, the Pretty Town in Black Sea Region!

Amasra, the pretty district of Bartin, is perhaps one of the most interesting and famous spots in Black Sea region... With a legendary natural beauty, Amasra fascinates the visitors with its historical depth. Located 16 kilometers away from the city of Bartin, Amasra has been the capital of many civilizations in the past. This small town, combining forest air of Black Sea with the oxygen-rich breezes from the sea, impresses with its serenity and peaceful air. 



You can take a nature walk, visit the museums and have pleasant times with your loved ones at the cafés located at points with beautiful views in this town, where you can enjoy romantic and unforgettable moments by swimming in the sea in summer, and the view in the rest of the year.





Castle of Amasra

You can enjoy the panoramic view in Amasra Castle, which bears the traces of different civilizations and consists of two sections. 

Cekiciler Bazaar

Although Cekiciler Bazaar was a place for handmade goods before and does not reflect this characteristic fully today, you must visit Cekiciler Bazaar before you leave Amasra.



Boztepe is a must-visit place, where you can watch the sunset and enjoy stunning beauty of Amasra to the full.

Tavsan Island

Tavsan Island, the only island of the district with no connection to the land, bears the traces of different cultures. The cave in the northern of the island is also worth seeing. 


Kuskayasi Monument

The reliefs on Kuskayasi Road Monument, belonging to the Roman Empire and located within the last 4 kilometers on the way from Bartin to Amasra, are one of the must-see details.   





What To Do in Amasra

The population of Amasra increases visibly especially in summer. Hotel occupancy rates also increase during feasts of Ramadan and Sacrifice. If you visit Amasra in summer and sea season, you can swim in Big Harbor (Buyuk Liman) Beach or Small Harbor (Kucuk Liman) Beach. You can visit Crying Tree (Aglayan Agac) region and watch Ataturk's silhouette.



You can take boat tours on the peninsula. You can buy wooden souvenirs being sold in Amasra bazaar. You can visit Amasra Museum and witness the traces of history. There are also many islands in Amasra, which has a promontory jutting into the sea and two bays. No matter if you visit Amasra in summer or winter, peaceful, pleasant and surprising moments are guaranteed in Amasra.



If you like seafood, you can taste delicious alternatives in numerous fish restaurants. We recommend you to taste special haddock of Amasra and the vinegar salad served on a wooden plate.

Since Amasra is a touristic district, hotel and accommodation services are also highly developed. You can accommodate in these hotels promising the service you are looking for in terms of quality and comfort. In addition to the hotels, hostels and rental houses may also be helpful for you about accommodation.

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