Didim Travel Guide: Must-Visit Places in Didim

There are ample places to visit in Didim. Didim is a pretty, remarkable vacation destination that promises a unique vacation experience thanks to its crystal-clear sea and fantastic bays, as well as its historical and cultural riches.





Welcoming a great number of local and foreign tourists every summer, Didim, a district of Aydin, stands out with its rich-blue sea and special places to camp. The ancient cities, including the Ancient City of Didim, bearing the traces of history, and its natural beauties make it a popular place not only in summer but throughout the year. 




The mild, warm climate of Aydin makes Didim rich in must-visit places both in summer and winter. If Didim is one of the destinations in your travel bucket list, then you should better plan the must-visit places in advance. You can find the top attractions in Didim below in our article.





Standing out for its calm and peaceful atmosphere among the must-visit places in Didim, Akbuk is only 20 kilometers from Didim. Akbuk is an ideal location for accommodation and famous for its 15-kilometer-long beach and lush pine forests. 




Bustling with restaurants overlooking the beach and offering a wide range of delicacies, Akbuk is a location with unique beauty, where green and blue meet. You can take a swim in the spotlessly-clean beaches of Akbuk, which features Greek architecture, and enjoy a quiet and peaceful vacation.                  




Bafa Lake Nature Park 

In the past, Bafa Lake was a bay but it was separated from the sea due to alluvium deposits, which made it transform into a lagoon. And Bafa Lake Nature Park is located 16 kilometers from Didim. This must-visit place in Didim is also home to many endangered bird species. 




You can also take a boat your, which is available at certain times of the day, to watch the surroundings on the lake. The visual feast offered by pine and olive trees and the oxygen-rich air will make you relax both physically and mentally. You can take beautiful photos during the nature trips you will take here.   




Dilek Peninsula-Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park 

Dilek Peninsula-Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park is one of the must-visit places in Didim that is referred to as a paradise on earth. Its quiet and serene atmosphere makes it stand out as one of the most special places in the Aegean Region. 




With spectacular endemic species, this national park welcomes a great number of local and foreign tourists, especially during the summer. With its fascinating beauty offered by the crystal-clear, rich-blue sea and quiet bays, Dilek Peninsula-Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park must be included in the list of must-visit places in Didim. 




Didim Marina (D-Marin)

Established on an area of 500 thousand square meters, D-Marin provides a large docking area with a berthing capacity of 580 boats and a drydock capacity of 600 boats. In addition to the services such as port, technical support, waste collection and recycling, the Yacht Club includes facilities to socialize, including bars, cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, saunas, sports fields and swimming pools. There is also a shopping mall at Didim Marina, which is one of the must-visit places for its modern and comfortable atmosphere. 


Doganbey Village

The existence of Doganbey village, which was inhabited by Greeks until 1924, dates back to the 7th century BC. The houses made of stone, which is the most important architectural element in Greek, are worth seeing. The chapels and stores that line the stone streets, and the river and waterfall, also called Sorlak, make this village even more precious.     



Didim Temple of Apollo

Making the region more valuable thanks to its fantastic beauty, Didim Temple of Apollo, one of the most important landmarks in Didim, attracts visitors who are interested in history. The existence of the region, which served as a prophecy center in ancient Greece, dates back to 2 thousand years ago. 




The main building and the courtyards of the temple, which was built with the Doric style, make the visitors feel the ancient atmosphere. This region, one of the must-visit places that are worth seeing in Didim, promises moments of pleasure in the mysterious corridors of history, and allows you to enjoy taking fantastic photos in an environment that becomes even more beautiful especially at sunset. You can also take a look at our article Bays in Fethiye for another unique and delightful destination. 



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