Colmar, Fairytale-Like City of France

Colmar is one of the cities about which we have been hearing more frequently in the recent days and which fascinates with its colorful houses, streets decorated with flowers and its beauty. Making you feel like you're in a fairytale, this fascinating city is among the stops situated on the Alsatian Wine Route. If you want to get more information about this lovely city of France that gives peace to its guests, you can find the details about Colmar that we share with you in the following article.



Let's answer for those who wonder where Colmar is located and how to get to this city. Colmar is located about 10 minutes from the German border. For this reason, the number of Germans in Colmar, which Germany and France could not share for years, is also quite high. In fact, German is also the native language as well as French in the city.




The easiest way to get to Colmar from Istanbul is via Basel-Mulhouse Airport, which is used jointly by France, Germany and Switzerland. You take a three-hour flight to get to this airport. What you need to do after arriving at this airport, which has three different exits for three countries, is also very practical. You can get to Colmar in just half an hour by following the France sign after the airport.



Let's tell what to do in this city for those who wonder what to do and must-see spots in Colmar. Colmar is a small city that can be visited in a few hours by a good planning. The city is so beautiful and fairytale-like that you may lose yourself while traveling around and want to take a photo in front of each house. La Maison des Tetes (The House of Heads) and Maison Pfister (The Pfister House) are the main must-see spots in the city. These two magnificent structures fascinate the visitors. If you like to visit museums, Unterlinden Museum, Bartholdi Museum and Toy Museum are pleasant spots that you can include in your travel notes.


If you like to take photos, Le Petite Venise (Little Venice) is one of the spots you should definitely visit. You will take beautiful photos and collect unforgettable memories in Le Petite Venise, the old city district surrounded by colorful houses.Marche Couvert (Great Market) in the city, where the fresh fruits, vegetables and delicatessen products are found, is also very famous for its French breads that you can't get enough of. You can also shop at this historical market located at a close proximity to Le Petite Venise and enjoy having a pleasant breakfast by the river with the products you bring on your own.


Taking a tour on the Rhine River is also one of the activities that you can do in Colmar... If you want to take this peaceful tour, you can take the daily boat tours by getting to the Saint Pierre Bridge. A boat tour on Rhine River takes nearly thirty minutes. The Statue of Liberty that you will see at the entrance of the city, also has a lovely story. The reason why this statue, which makes you feel like you are in New York at first sight, is that Bartholdi, the designer of the statue, was born in Colmar. This is why a replica of his work is located at the entrance of this city.


Colmar has a different beauty at all times of the year. Even though it is easier to travel around Colmar in spring and summer, it turns into a much more fascinating city especially in the Christmas. Therefore, if you visit the city during Christmas, you can witness this ambiance of Colmar, which is home to one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, taste different foods and drink mulled wine.

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