Cold Adventure: Winter Campsites

Winter camping is regarded as one of the best nature activities during winter. Our country has numerous winter campsites for those who want to enjoy this exciting experience. One of the best things about winter camping is that campsites are much quieter than in summer. The sounds of raindrops and white snow cover make a relaxing and romantic winter camping experience possible.  

You can choose the ideal destination for you among the winter campsites to enjoy a peaceful winter camping experience. Let's take a look at the places to camp under snow: 


Uludag is by far one of the top winter campsites and one of the most ideal destinations for ski enthusiasts. Uludag, where you can do not only skiing but also all the other winter sports, promises fantastic winter camping experience with ample activities. Other campsites to pitch your tent in Uludag are Sarialan, Kirazli, Kadi and Sobra plateaus. You can choose Uludag for its fascinating, snow-covered atmosphere to camp and enjoy a dream-like winter vacation.

Erciyes Mountain-Kayseri

3917-meter high Erciyes Mountain is one of the most ideal winter campsites. The campsite on Erciyes Mountain is frequented not only by those who want to enjoy camping experience but also by mountain climbers to enjoy summit climbing. Mountain climbers usually depart from Erciyes Ski Center and reach the area after a long walk with their camping loads. There is also a chairlift for a shorter transportation.    

Ilgaz Mountain-Kastamonu

Ilgaz Mountain National Park is located in Kastamonu and welcomes mountain climbers from different parts of Türkiye for winter camping. The visitors of Ilgaz Mountain also include tour skiers and camp lovers. Standing out as one of the most ideal campsites under snow, Ilgaz is the highest mountain in the Western Black Sea Region and covered with snow for 6 months of the year.     


Cappadocia stands out not only for its natural beauties but also as one of the best campsites under snow. You can get to the campsite, where entrance fee is charged, by going to Goreme from Nevsehir. 

Murat Mountain-Kutahya

Located in Gediz, Kutahya, Murat Mountain can be listed as one of the best winter campsites. Murat Mountain is famous for its ski resort, thermal baths and picnic sites, and receives the most snow especially between January and May. 

With an altitude of 2 thousand meters, Saricicek Plateau located herein is preferred as one of the best campsites under snow. You can make your camping experience more fun by going to thermal springs while camping here.   

Kaz Daglari-Balikesir

Ida Mountain is a special winter campsite that attracts numerous camp lovers. To tent camp here, you can choose the campsite in the National Park or the campsites of private enterprises. 

You have to be accompanied by a guide to camp and pitch a tent here. You are allowed to pitch your tent at the spot shown by the guide. Kaz Mountains, which are famous for being oxygen-rich, promise you a wonderful camping experience with a fantastic view in a fascinating environment. 

Kizlar Sivrisi-Antalya

Located in Elmali, Antalya, Kizlar Sivrisi is regarded as one of the best winter campsites, thanks to its altitude of 3070 meters and nature covered with snow for 5 months of the year. You must first get to Elmali and then to Buyuksogle village to get to Kizlar Sivrisi. You can get to the campsite by heading south and stay in the mountain hut located in the campsite. 


Despite the fact that when it comes to Antalya, sun and sea come to mind first, Saklikent is one of the best winter campsites. Located very close to the center of Antalya, Saklikent promises a peaceful winter camp alone with nature. You can also visit the TUBITAK National Observatory located at Bakirlitepe, which is the highest point, during your camping stay.     

Cehennem Waterfalls-Kirklareli

The natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Cehennem Waterfalls, which are located in Istranca Forests, make them attractive for those who want to camp under snow. Cehennem Waterfalls, an ideal destination also for taking nature walks, offers an unforgettable experience for those who want winter camping, thanks to their relaxing sound and rich vegetation.

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